Bad Beat Bonus by Titan Poker is a great feature cause it protects you when you get unlucky! Why miss this offer if we all hate losing? Check out how it works and take advantage of it. Find more in the article.


With Titan Poker’s Bad Beat Bonus you win even if you lose!

If you lose at a showdown with a good hand, Titan Poker will reward you with $250! To be more specific, when you’ve got a hand of KKKK or more at a real-money Texas Hold’em ring game, and still lose at showdown, Titan will reward you with a $250 Bad Beat bonus for your effort!

Ket Information:

Which games are eligible? Games at Texas Holdem ring tables (non-tournament play).
Which hands qualify? Beaten hands of 4 Kings or Better. Your hand and the winning hand must both contain two pocket cards.
How to get the bonus? To receive this bonus, you must send an email to within 48 hours.

So, 2 things are crucial: Your and the winning hand must both contain two pocket cards and you have to send an email after the Bad Beat happens

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Titan Poker‘s super stoked to have you here, and they’ve got something prepared for you that we think you’ll really like. They are offering an even greater incentive for you – $12,000 New Depositors Token Package. If you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

$12,000 New Depositors Token Package

Get Your Tokens Today!

Make your first deposit and receive an incredible package of tokens to freerolls with big guaranteed prizes!

An Amazing Token Bundle

As a new Titan Poker player, your success at the tables is very important to them. Therefore, they would like to reward you for your first deposit with this incredible token package.

Get your real money poker career started without risking a cent of your own bankroll by using these tokens to compete for big guaranteed prizes worth a combined $12,000!

Token Package Details

$12,000 New Depositors Token Package table

As a first time depositor at Titan Poker, you will also receive their exclusive New Player’s Welcome Package. It including a lucrative 200% up to €1,500 first deposit bonus and much more!

Key information:

  • As the name implies, poker freerolls are tournaments that are free to enter. Unlike play money games, however, these tournaments actually allow players to win cash and prizes should the cards fall their way, effectively giving them the chance to earn money for nothing. This factor has made playing poker freerolls incredibly popular with players around the world. Freeroll tournaments typically fill up quickly once the window of registration opens.
  • Poker freerolls, like any other poker game, can be a great learning experience for beginning players. However, while learning without the risk sounds like an ideal way to hone your skills, it could rob you of one of the most important lessons you should learn at the poker table – never bet more than you’re willing to lose. Even the best players will taste defeat at one point or another, and overcoming that adversity is an essential learning experience for everyone.

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Titan Poker is becoming even more and more popular among the players. There is a good reason for that. They have prepared a fantastic promotion for you – Bad Beat Bonus. Take your part at this great promotion and they’ll reward you with a $250 Bad Beat bonus for your effort! If this sounds interesting to you and you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

Bad Beat Bonus

Even if you lose, you win!

If you lose at showdown with a good hand, Titan Poker’ll reward you with $250 for your effort!

Get $250 when your top hand is beaten

True champions make their own luck and Titan Poker knows a champion when it sees one. So when you’ve got a hand of KKKK or more at a real-money. Texas Hold’em ring game, and still lose at showdown, they’ll reward you with a $250 Bad Beat bonus for your effort!

Key information:

Which games are eligible? 

Games at Texas Holdem ring tables (non-tournament play).

Which hands qualify?

Beaten hands of 4 Kings or Better. Your hand and the winning hand must both contain two pocket cards.

How to get the bonus?

To receive this bonus, you must send an email to within 48 hours.


  • A $250 Bad Beat bonus is awarded to players who contact Support within 48 hours of losing a real-money Texas Hold’em ring game with a hand of KKKK or more.
  • Both pocket cards must be used in both winning and losing hands.


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Another great promotion is running at Titan Poker. Take your part at Rakeback Unlimited and take advantage of this great promotion. If this sounds interesting to you and you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

Rakeback Unlimited

Earn unlimited cash every week simply for playing. Opt-in through the cashier in the software and start raking in the cash.

Keep your poker simple and focus on what really matters with Rakeback Unlimited! Titan Poker brings you an exclusive and unique promotion that boosts your bankroll every week with a Cash Payment of unlimited value!

Unlimited? That’s right! Your weekly Cash Payment is based on the number of Titan Points you generate for the given weekly cycle. You are rewarded with $1 cash for every 100 Titan Points – there is no limit to how high you can reach!

How it works:

  • Opt-in to the Rakeback Unlimited promotion via the Cashier > Promo code tab > enter the promo code: RBWEEKLY
  • Take a seat at your favorite tables and generate as many Titan Points as you can.
  • You will not earn Club Points, however, you will continue to enjoy the latest offers and promotions from Titan Poker.
  • Get 20% Rakeback issued to you in cash every week (Check your status below and see how much you’ve won so far this week)!

How to opt-in:

  • Open the Titan Poker software and log in.
  • Click on the Cashier button at the bottom right corner and then on the Promo Code tab.
  • Enter the promo code RBWEEKLY and start enjoying your weekly Rakeback Unlimited Payment.

Register with us at Titan Poker and grab their First Deposit Bonus up to €1,500!

We are bringing you an exclusive promotion for Titan Poker! Take your part at Gladiators Race! If you register with us, you will be able to take part in that. Also, if you already have an account, contact us and we will try to retag you. That way, you can also benefit from our great promos!

Gladiators Race

What you do in the Poker Colosseum will echo in eternity!

Strength and honor to all VIP Diamond Poker VIP level gladiators! As true masters of the poker game, you are invited each month to battle it out for the $6,000 prize money we have on offer.

The monthly Gladiators all points race runs from the second of each month up until (and including) the last day of the month. Want to know how you’re doing? Check your status to create a Titan Poker account.

Not VIP Diamond yet? Make sure you receive a VIP level upgrade, so you can enter the Forum, too.

These imperial benefits are just the tip of a giant iceberg. Titan Poker grants its VIP Diamond players a host of other benefits and promotions.

Key information:

  • The Gladiator Races run from the 2nd of every month at 00:00 until the last day of each month at 23:59 GMT.
  • These races are based on Titan points accumulated in the specified period.
  • Only Points generated by the player during the promotional month he/she achieved VIP Diamond status will be considered for this promotion.
  • Leaderboards will be updated by an automatic leaderboard, approximately every 30 minutes.
  • In case of a tie between players’ leaderboard points in paid places, all players with that same number of points will be issued an average amount of their prize (as per their positions).
  • Payments will be made up to 7 days following completion of the leaderboard.

Register with us at Titan Poker and grab their First Deposit Bonus up to €1,500!

Titan Poker is becoming even more and more popular among the players. There is a good reason for that. Take your part at their Monthly Bonanza and try to win your part from a $10,000 prize pool. If you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

Monthly Bonanza

Your Chance to Hit the Gold Mine!

On the first Sunday of every month, they stage the $10,000 Monthly Bonanza tournament.

There are FIVE ways to qualify for the $10,000 Bonanza running the first Friday of every month.

Complete just ONE of the following during the month and you’ll earn a token for the $10K Monthly Bonanza tournament on the first Sunday of the following month at 19:00 GMT:

  • Make a First Deposit as a new Titan Poker player.
  • Generate 750 Titan Points.
  • Wager a total of $1,000 in casino bets.
  • Gain entry through one of these satellite tournaments:

Monthly Bonanza table 1

  • Gain entry through a series of $10K Bonanza Satellite SNGs:

Monthly Bonanza table 2

Key information:

  • Players will be eligible for the “10K Bonanza Depositors Sat” each week if they made a deposit during the Monday to Sunday period prior to the tournament date.
  • Tournament tokens will be issued automatically after each satellite tournament and are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Tokens received by players for the “10K Bonanza Depositors Sat” tournament, in a certain month will not be valid for a different month.
  • Players making their first deposit at Titan Poker will receive a token to the $10K Bonanza tournament running on the first Sunday of the following month.
  • Players can win only one seat to the “$10,000 Monthly Bonanza” tournament in a given month. Extra tokens won are not valid for other months nor can they be exchanged.
  • Players that qualified for this tournament by generating 750 Titan Points or wagering $1,000 in casino bets during the current month, will receive their tournament tokens on the day of the tournament.
  • All Titan Poker casino games are relevant for this promotion.

Register with us at Titan Poker and grab their First Deposit Bonus up to €1,500!

Six-Plus Hold’em, or in other words Short-deck Hold’em is a new version of this popular game.

Six-Plus Hold’em

Six-Plus Hold’em – Short deck game

6+ Hold’em looks like a standard Texas Hold’em format, but it is played with only 36 cards instead of 52. To be more precise, there are not 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x cards in the deck. There are only 6x up to Ax.

Aces can still be high or low, as in regular hold’em, which means that the lowest possible straight in six-plus hold’em is 9x 8x 7x 6x Ax.

Another huge difference is a hand ranking! For example, in this game three-of-a-kind beats a straight and a flush is stronger than a full house! Check out the full hand ranking below.

  • High card
  • One pair
  • Two pair
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush

All these differences, players find very interesting, especial the recreational ones. That’s why games are really profitable. Many players get confused by different rules, and there are a lot of new players looking for fun.

The greatest action of this new format is on the iPoker. YourPokerCash brings you a list of iPoker rooms, and by clicking on each of it you can check all benefits and promotions you can take by registering with us:

-Titan Poker
-WilliamHill Poker


Tournaments with a PokerStars’s Spin ‘n’ Go format are popular more than ever. Just remember, when they appeared years ago, how much negative comments they caused. Today almost every bigger poker network has its own variant of Spin ‘n’ Goes. It seems to be very attractive for both recreational and professional players. YourPokerCash brings you Top 3 poker rooms for this kind of game.


1. partypoker’s Sit & Go Jackpots

The first on our list is Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments by partypoker. Not just a great traffic and a lot of action, there are also plenty of side promotions that are making partypoker the best choice.

Top 3 poker rooms by YourPokerCash for Spin 'n' Go format games

Top 3 poker rooms by YourPokerCash for Spin ‘n’ Go format games

If you log in to your partypoker lobby and click the Sit & Go hero card, you will find tournaments which are based on the jackpot sit-n-go concept in which the prize pool is randomly assigned shortly before the first hole cards are dealt. Tournaments can multiply the initial buy-in by 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, 25x, 120x, 240x or incredible 12.000x.  Featuring buy-ins from just $0.25 up to $250, with a max multiplier of 12,000 that could win a whopping $1,000,000+ for first place! Check the full breakdown by limits here

The other very interesting thing is that partypoker pushes a lot of promotions through these tournaments. Often you can get free tournament tickets if you play enough games. Almost always there are tournaments which biggest prize is the buy-in for some of the great series which are constantly running on this poker room. At this moment, if you play $10 Sit & Go Jackpots, you could get a MILLIONS ONLINE seat. If you win the tournament with exactly that ticket, you will get $2.5 million on top of first prize. 

Not only you can win tickets for the online events, but you can fight for some great live packages. Right now, in the lobby, you can find $10 tournaments where you can win CPP Bahamas Package.


2. Microgaming’s Fish Party Tournaments

This is maybe the most underestimated offer in the online poker world! The Fish Party Sit & Go tournaments have two big advantages unlike other Spin & Go variants of other online poker providers. First, you pay only 6% rake here at all buy-ins and not up to 8% like at other poker providers and you have the chance to win a very big jackpot, which is much higher than the maximum payouts of the others providers. These are the main reason we put it to the 2nd place.

Top 3 poker rooms

Especially because of the numerous fish party promotions and the jackpots which, of course, attracts a lot of players to the tables and you will actually find almost 16h a day good action. At the higher buy-ins, starting at 20€ the traffic is at the moment not so good and depends on the time it takes maybe around 1min until a table open.

At this moment, there is the Fish Party Challenge running. There are three leaderboards based on the buy-ins, and they will run for two weeks at a time. After each two-week cycle, the boards reset, the players who made it to the leaderboard will get their tickets and the next challenge begins. And of course, you can compete in all leaderboards. So, all you need to do is just to play your favorite fish party games and you will get great-value prizes. 

This is not all! If you sing up with us to one of the Microgaming’s skins we are offering, you will get Elite VIP status for life which means 30% of cash back at any time. Also, you will get a First Deposit Bonus which is worth 20% of cashback. Choose between the Betsson Poker, Nordicbet Poker or Betsafe poker to start your Fish Party journey!


3. iPoker’s Twister Tournaments

For the 3rd offer, we chose iPoker’s Twister tournaments. The main reasons are good cashback deals you can find on various skins of this network, and side promotions which are constantly running.

Top 3 pokerrooms

Twister Poker tournaments kick off after three players are registered. At this point, the prize pool is randomly determined to be between double and 1,000-times the buy-in. The games take place in hyper-turbo format and are typically softer than at other sites due to the amount of casino and sports wagering players looking for a punt and not knowing good push-fold strategy. There is a lot of action and a lot of side promotions.

The most popular promotion for these games is Weekly Twister Race. The weekly Twister Races run from Mondays at 12 a.m. GMT through Sundays at 11:59 p.m. GMT and award the top 250 spots. You earn the same leaderboard points as the buy-in and double that if you win it. The higher the stakes you play and the more games you grind, the better your chances to be high on the leaderboard.

We offer you Betfair Poker, Coral Poker, William Hill Poker or Titan Poker to start your Twister Race. The full review of these offers with many other promotions you can check on our site.


We hope you like our Top 3 poker rooms for Spin ‘n’ Go format games. Next week we will write about great poker rooms for MTT tournaments.

Race other rookies and hone your poker skills in the weekly Beginners Races on Titan Poker. Generate 100 raked hands or more for cash prizes.

beginners races

Titan Poker Beginners Races


Are you new at Titan Poker? Boost your bankroll with Races for beginners every week.

All Titan Poker players who have signed up in the last 90 days are eligible for these races. Generate raked hands each week at poker beginners cash tables. The higher the number of raked hands = the bigger the cash prizes you stand to win! Beginners cash tables can be found in the software under Special Offers >> Beginners Races Tables.

Beginners Races run every week! You have from Monday through Saturday to generate as many raked hands as possible. If you generate 100+ raked hands you can win cash prizes of up to $40. Where can I find real money slots in Australia? That is one of the most popular questions because the number of online casinos is growing rapidly. Before deciding that you have found a site, check a few parameters. Apart from a wide variety of bonuses and pokies lounge, the casino must be reliable and fair. It’s easy to verify with the license it has. In terms of security, is one of the best solutions for Australian players. There are plenty of real money online pokies for Australia and a welcome bonus to boost your starting bankroll. You need is available in one place – 777Pokies Casino!

Players who generate 100 – 399 raked hands can win cash prizes ranging from $1 – $6.50. Players who generate 400 or more raked hands will race against each other for up to $40 in cash prizes! Prizes will be awarded according to the table below:

beginners races chart

And that’s not all! Check all the benefits that YourPokerCash brings for Titan players. 


Are you new at Titan Poker? Make your first deposit and enjoy $12.000 New Depositor Token Package. You can use them to enter some really good freerolls.

Titan Poker

When you make your first deposit, you will receive 9 tokens which you can use them for entering 3 different freerolls.  You will need 1 token for a $10K Monthly Bonanza. 4 tokens are for a $250 Exclusive Freeroll and 4 Tokens are for $250 Missions Freerolls. Remember, this ongoing promotion grants you 2 months to redeem your tokens

Titan Poker

Don’t forget about Titan Poker Welcome Bonus

Make your first money deposit and you will get a 200% bonus up to €1,500! This bonus is automatically redeemed and increases your bankroll as you play cash games and tournaments. Every time you reach 400 Poker Points we’ll credit your Titan Poker account with €5 cash. 

Titan VIP Rewards (Exclusive offer)

Exclusively through YourPokerCash, you can now take advantage of 60% rakeback paid weekly to your Titan Player account. That’s right! You do not have to climb the ladder or opt-opt into rakeback Unlimited.  The 60% rakeback will be automatically awarded to you, therefore, no opt-in required. Regardless of how many Titan poker points you achieve each week.

As a result, you receive Titan Points based on the amount of rake you contribute in that hand. The more rake you contribute to a pot, the more Titan Points you will receive. Click here to see the full scheme. 

Beginners Race:

In addition to your exclusive rakeback, race fellow newbies for cash prizes every week too! As a result, you get to sharpen your poker skills and have some fun at the Beginners Races, exclusive to our Titan Poker rookies. Titan Poker Players that have signed up within the last 90 days are eligible. You must generate at least 100+ raked hands to be awarded a cash prize up to $40. While the Beginners Race runs every week!  You have from Monday through Saturday to generate as many raked hands as possible. Furthermore, check out the leaderboard here. There is no better time to join Titan Poker than today.

Players who generate 100 – 399 raked hands will be awarded cash prizes ranging from $1 – $6.50. Players who generate 400 or more raked hands will race against each other for up to $40 in cash prizes! Click here to see how will prizes be awarded.

There are plenty of great reasons to join Titan Poker with us today and start your winning!