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Bad Beat Bonus by Titan Poker is a great feature cause it protects you when you get unlucky! Why miss this offer if we all hate losing? Check out how it works and take advantage of it. Find more in the article.


With Titan Poker’s Bad Beat Bonus you win even if you lose!

If you lose at a showdown with a good hand, Titan Poker will reward you with $250! To be more specific, when you’ve got a hand of KKKK or more at a real-money Texas Hold’em ring game, and still lose at showdown, Titan will reward you with a $250 Bad Beat bonus for your effort!

Ket Information:

Which games are eligible? Games at Texas Holdem ring tables (non-tournament play).
Which hands qualify? Beaten hands of 4 Kings or Better. Your hand and the winning hand must both contain two pocket cards.
How to get the bonus? To receive this bonus, you must send an email to support@titanpoker.com within 48 hours.

So, 2 things are crucial: Your and the winning hand must both contain two pocket cards and you have to send an email after the Bad Beat happens

If you like this promotion, but you still don’t have an account at Titan Poker, register with us and we will make sure you take part in more promotions like this!