Flip & GO – The new tournament format at GGPoker

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GGPoker brings Flip & Go- the new tournament format. Check out what is it about. And, if you like it, jump straight into the hot action! You can find all the necessary details in the text below.

Flip & GO

Flip & Go is the new burning fast way to skip all the boring parts. This way you can get right into the hot action of the tournament.

How Flip & GO works:

  1. Choose the Buy-in multiplier you want. You can choose up to 10x buy-ins to start the tournament with a larger stack.
  2. Play the Flipout stage. You will get 3 hole cards. You need to get rid of one and then the board comes out. Don’t forget about the Flip Bonus – an extra stack you will get if you hit major hands: straight flush, 3 of a kind, flush or straight.
  3. Once the Flipout tournament ends, the play resumes as a standard Hold’em tournament from the ITM stage.

If you are bored to play early stages, this feature is great for you! It will save your time, energy and get you straight into the most interesting part.

If you like it, and you still don’t have an account at GGPoker, register with us and see HERE what else we have prepared for you!