Do you want to find a unique sports betting + poker experience? If you do, you need to check out World Cup Football Predictor Promotion at Betsafe Poker. You can find all the necessary details in the article below. If you like it, do not hesitate and head to the lobby.

World Cup Football Predictor

Betsafe is celebrating the Biggest Football Festival of the year with an exciting version of the World Cup Football Predictor game. The promotional period lasts until 00:59 CET 19th December 2022.

Here is how it works:

  • Opt-in each match day via Betsafe Poker Client.
  • Predict up to 4 World Cup match results and complete your choice of mission.
  • Earn a Ticket with correct predictions.

Football Predictor prizes: 

4 General €3 Ticket General €10 Ticket
3 General €2 Ticket General €5 Ticket
2 General €1 Ticket General €2 Ticket
1 General €0.5 Ticket General €1 Ticket
0 No Prize No Prize

All the prizes you win will be issued the day after the match. Please note that all tickets from this promotion will expire after 7 days if you do not use them.


If you still don’t have an account at Betsafe Poker and would like to participate in this promotion, register with us! We will make sure to bring you even more benefits! 


**18+ T&C apply
Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

Are you looking for some great promotion that will make games even more interesting? Check out the Betsafe Daily Flops poker promotion. This offer by Betsafe Poker Room will bring some fun to the tables along with chances of winning some great prizes. If all this sounds interesting to you, read the full article for all the necessary details.

Betsafe Daily Flops Poker promotion

Try out your skills and luck with this Betsafe Poker Promotion and try to win prizes on a daily basis.


Betsafe Daily Flops promotion runs until 5the June 2022. During this time you will have a chance to win prizes every day.

How it works:

  • Opt-in via Betsafe Poker client
  • See 30 Flops (Qualifying games are: Twister Tournaments with a buy-in of €2 or higher and Cash Games stakes  of€0.05/€0.10 or higher. Please note that Heads-up cash game tables are excluded from this promotion.)
  • When you complete your tasks you will get a Spin on the Poker Prize Wheel.
  • Spin the Wheel and reveal what your prize is
  • Repeat this every day


Daily Flops Prize Wheel Rewards

1 €500 Cash
10 €100 Cash
50 €20 Cash
100 €10 Cash
100 €5 Cash
200 10x €0.10 Free Big Blinds
15000 5x €0.10 Free Big Blinds
30000 3x €0.10 Free Big Blinds

All cash prizes you win through this promotion come with no Wagering requirements or Withdrawal restrictions.


If you still don’t have an account at Betsafe Poker, register with us and expect even more benefits!


**18+ T&C Apply
Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly! 


Betsafe Flop Fiesta is a great promotion that gives you an opportunity to win every day! Check out what is it about and how it works and jump into this thrilling action. Find all the necessary details in the text below and try out your luck!

Betsafe Flop Fiesta

Betsafe Flop Fiesta brings you a great opportunity to win some great prizes every day during the promotional period!  And that means a lot in prizes because the offer lasts until March 28th!


How it works:

-Opt-in through the poker client.
-Win instant rewards every day when you see 30 flops on cash game or twister tables.
-Depending on the stake they play, players get either a silver or gold random reward prize wheel spin.

Qualification and rewards

Cash game stakes Twister Buy-in Reward
€0.05/€0.10 to €0.10/€0.20 €1 to €2 Silver Spin
€0.25/€0.50+ €5+ Gold Spin

Silver Spin Rewards and probabilities

Prize Number of prizes Percentage
€500 Cash 1 0.002%
€100 Cash 10 0.022%
€20 Cash 50 0.110%
€10 Cash 100 0.221%
€5 Cash 100 0.221%
50 Reward Points 15,000 33.141%
20 Reward Points 30,000 66.282%

Gold Spin Rewards and probabilities

Prize Number of prizes Percentage
€5,000 Cash 2 0.004%
€100 Cash 25 0.045%
€50 Cash 50 0.089%
€20 Cash 100 0.179%
€10 Cash 200 0.358%
€5 Cash 500 0.895%
€2.50 Cash 15000 26.845%
€1 cash 40000 71.586%

NOTE: The prize wheel with prizes expires 7 days after the issue, so try to spin it as soon as you can!

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Cash Climber is the latest promotion by Betsafe Poker. Check out how it works and try to earn your share of €100K every day. Find all necessary details in the text below and if you like it, join this great action!

cash climber

Cash Climber is a great feature that motivates players to keep playing. All you have to do is to opt-in daily and to start playing qualifying games ( cash games with min stakes €0.05/€0.10 or Twister poker tournaments with €5 Minimum buy-in.  As you complete your target your next hand mission will automatically unlock. Depending on your progress, you will get free spins for a prize wheel – Silver or Gold. With the silver wheel, you can win up to  €1000 Cash, while with the gold will you are in a game for amazing €5,000 Cash

Cash Climber Daily Missions and rewards:

cash climber 1

Prize Wheels:

cash climber 0


Do not miss this great opportunity to win some extra money by simply playing your favorite games. Spin for a chance to win €5,000 or reach the peak for a guaranteed cash prize!


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Another Card Collector is here at Betsson Group! That means only one: You can now win up to €10.000 every day during the promotional period. Join the action, play your favorite games, and win some extra money! Check out for more details in the text below.

another card collector

After the Summer Challenge, another Cardo Collector is here at Betsson Group. The promotional period runs until Septemeber 27th.

For those who don’t know, Betsson Group has 3 great skins that operate at iPoker Network. Those are: Betsson, Betsafe, and Nordicbet.


How it works:

Collect cards at the tables and complete your puzzles to win instant rewards! When you win a hand with hole cards that match a card in your puzzle, you’ll collect that puzzle piece.

  1. Collect cards at the tables to complete your Card Collector puzzles each day.  
  2. When you complete your puzzle, you will receive a scratch card and another puzzle. 
  3. Unlock up to a maximum of 4 puzzles per day. 

Do not forget to opt-in via the poker software each day. Also, the qualifying games are Twister tournaments with a minimum buy-in of €5 and No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash tables: €0.05/0.10 min blinds. Heads up tables excluded.


Wait no more and join this great promotion!

There is a Summer Showdown promotion running at Betsafe Poker. The promotional period lasts until the end of August. Join the action, take your chances, and try to win up to €1,000 daily! Check out how it works!

summer showdown

There is a great opportunity to win some extra money every day at Betsafe Poker. All you have to do is to complete the daily missions and receive a free spin of a Prize Wheel. The missions are not hard to accomplish at all! You just need to go to the showdown with a certain hand. And, do not worry! Those hands are premium pocket pairs (JJ and stronger) and you will be more than happy to go to the showdowns with them.

Summer Showdown Daily Missions

Check out a day and a hand you need to go to the showdown with on that day:

summer showdown 1

And check out on the chart below what are the possible prizes you could win after spinning the prize wheel:

summer showdown 0

Please NOTE that only qualifying games for this promotion are Twister tournaments and Cash Games. Regarding the Twister tournaments, it has to be at least €5 buy-in, and when it comes to the Cash Games, the minimum limit you need to play to participate in this promotion is €0,10/0,20. Heads-Up tables are excluded from this promotion.

Wait no more – Join the action at Betsafe and fight for €1,000 every day!


Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) confirmed a new edition of the Universal Championship of Online Poker (UCOP). This great series will bring 94 events. It will take place from 15th September until 29th September. Find all the details in the text below.

Universal Championship


A few weeks ago, Alex Scott, Managing Director of the MPN poker division announced that we will have another UCOP this year. To remind you, the network has already hosted a UCOP series this year in April. Alex also said that we’ll have the chance to compare both festivals, although it’s still unclear whether this edition will feature the traditional leaderboard.

Let’s make a comparison of these two UCOP Series:

Universal Championship 1

The only thing that will remain the same is the range of buy-ins. Like the last time, they will start from €3,3  and go all the way up to €320.

Distribution of Universal Championship of Online Poker tournaments by buy-ins:

Universal Championship 2

As you can see, the majority of the UCOP tournaments will have the buy-ins between €11 and €110.

Of course, there will be various tournament formats. Check out the Distribution of UCOP tournaments by type:

Universal Championship 3


The Universal Championship of Online Poker Main Events:


  •  Event 48, €30,000 GTD, €110 buy-in;
  •  Main Event, €100,000 GTD (Freezeout), €110 buy-in;
  •  High Roller, €40,000 GTD (Freezeout), €320 buy-in.

 The schedule also includes eight PLO tournaments. The large ones are the #35 and #45, with €55 and €110 buy-ins respectively and the same €7,500 GTD prize pool.


If you like the UCOP series and you still don’t have the account at MPN, we bring you our best choices: Betsson poker, Betsafe poker, and Nordicbet. Check which benefits you get if you signup with us at our Poker Deals page.

This summer, Microgaming Poker Network celebrates the 3rd birthday of their Fish Party games. They prepared a great promotion on these spins kind of games – Fish Party Birthday Bonanza.

Fish Party Birthday

Fish Party Birthday Bonanza is a promotion with jackpots and freerolls to all players!

Fish Party turns 3 years old in July so it is time to celebrate jackpot style! Each day from 15th July – 4th August an additional Birthday Bonanza jackpot is running. If the regular jackpot hits, all Fish Party players can get a slice of the Birthday Bonanza!

How it works:

The Fish Party Birthday Bonanza jackpot will start at €5,000 on July 15th and grow by €1,000 each day it is not won, until 4th August. If the jackpot is won, it returns to €5,000 the next day and begins to grow each day again! To qualify for a share of the jackpot, players must have made at least €5 worth of Fish Party buy-ins during the previous calendar day. Each €5 of buy-ins will award one share of the jackpot.

Daily Freerolls:

Each day from July 16th-5th August at 6pm BST, there will be a €500 Fish Party flip freeroll. To qualify, just play €5 worth of Fish Party buy-ins during the previous calendar day.

Fishroller Freeroll:

Play €500 worth of Fish Party buy-ins per day for at least 10 days from 15th July – 4th August to enter into the €1,000 Fishroller freeroll on Wednesday, 7th August at 7:30 pm BST.

YourPokerCash offers some great options for playing at Microgaming Poker Network. Chose between Betsson poker, Nordicbet poker or Betsafe Poker. If you register to one of these poker rooms with us, there are more benefits waiting for you. For all details, visit our site and offer reviews!

When you combine casino and poker you get unique Fish Party tournament. This is Sit & Go progressive jackpot tournament by Microgaming Poker Network, which is giving an ocean of opportunities to land the big one. It is similar to the PokerStars’s Spin & Go tournaments. Here, the main jackpot is progressive, not static as it is on PokerStars and many other networks. The buy-ins are €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50. There is a great promotion running atm for this tournaments- Fish Party Challenge. 

fish party challenge

You climb the leaderboards with every tournament you play. The higher on the leaderboard you are, the more tickets you will get. There will be three leaderboards according to the buy-ins. They will run for two weeks at a time. After each two-week cycle, the boards reset. The players who made it to the leaderboard will get their tickets and the next challenge begins. And of course, you can compete in all leaderboards.

Check out how you will get points for Fish Party Challenge:

fish party challenge 1

And below you can see 3 different leaderboards according to the buy-ins you prefer. You can check the leaderboards any time in the poker client under the My Account section.


€1 Fish Party tables: €500 prize pool

fish party challenge 2

€5 and €10 Fish Party tables: €1500 prize pool

fish party challenge 3

€20 & €50 Fish Party tables: €1500 prize pool:

fish party challenge 4

If you still don’t have an account on MPN, choose between some great options: Betsson Poker, Nordicbet or Betsafe Poker! You can see the full offer for each of these rooms on our site.

RedKings shuts down on April the 28th. If you are playing there, it’s time to consider some alternatives.

RedKings shuts

RedKings is on the market since 2006. They were one of the leaders in the poker industry. 1st as a part of OnGame network and later as Microgaming Poker Network. This poker room was very popular among the players because of their great promotions. As we said, they were part of MPN which has one of the best reputations on the market. Unfortunately, RegKings recently announced that they are quitting with poker on the 28th of April.

We are bringing you the alternative:

Our 1st choice when it comes to Microgaming Poker Network is Betsson group! This group makes 3 great and reliable poker rooms: Betsson poker, Nordicbet poker, and Betsafe poker. All of these poker rooms have some great promotion. Huge welcome bonuses, great VIP systems, side promotions, and freerolls. If you register with us to any of these, you will have maximum VIP level worth 30% of cashback. For all details, visit our site and Poker Deals section where we have the full offers for each room!