Good Game Poker Network (GG Network) is becoming even more and more popular among the players. There is a good reason for that. They are offering some great value to all their players with every-month promotions. Check out what are they bringing with the October Promotions, you are going to like those! Chose your game and join the action! Find all the details in the text below.

October Promotions


$500K Rush & Cash promotion on GG network

GG Poker network will devote its largest promotion in October to fast poker players (Rush & Cash). This is maybe the best offer among the October Promotions. The Rush & Cash Monthly $500,000 will consist of two parts: one will be attractive for regular-grinders, while the other one will draw the attention of low-stakes players and amateurs. 

Besides this, there is also the Rush & Cash Weekly mission. Each week, players get 7 tasks. The award is a ticket for the event Sunday Mission Complete $20k Freeroll.

$100,000 Weekly Race

A classic rake race with $100,000 in prizes held each week, divided into four limits. For every cent paid in rake, the players will receive 1 point towards the race according to the stake played.

$100,000 Omaha Race

There is also a great promotion running in October at GG Network for Omaha lovers. This race is not based on a weekly basis, we get the final leaderboard at the end of the month.


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GG Poker Network introduced an interesting innovation in the world of online Multi Table tournaments! If you register before the start of the tournament, you will have Bubble protection! Find more details in the text below!

Bubble protection

  • No more vacant stares into your monitor because you were once place short of claiming a prize.
  • Now your buy-in will be protected, cost-free, no strings attached, when you fall just short of the money.
  • All you need to do is Show up Early!

How to qualify for the protection of your buy-in and play without fear when you are so close to the ITM?

  • Look for the ‘Bubble Protection’ badge within the tournament lobby
  • Register before the start of the tournament
  • Get your buy-in back if you bubble (finish just outside payouts)


Tournaments with Bubble Protection:

  • Daily Guarantees
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Omaholic
  • Phoenix Rebuy
  • MBP

The number of bubble players will correspond to the number of entrants.

Bubble protection


Don’t be lazy! Join the tournament on time and use this great edge!


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Another great promo by this growing network! This time on the menu is GG Friday! And it’s not only one-time promo! It is every Friday promo! Nice Hand Freeroll, Midweek Qualifiers, and Side Games Cashback are the things you can benefit from! Check out for more!

GG Friday

GGIFridays is almost here!

Nice Hand Freeroll, Midweek Qualifiers, and Side Games Cashback? GGPoker network is the place to be!

What’s On Offer?

  • $250 GGIFridays Nice Hand Freeroll every Friday night – (Qualify for this by playing at least two Nice Hand Qualifiers Monday – Thursday).
  • 25% Cashback on all Casino Side Games play on Fridays (paid in T$ up to a maximum of $10)
  • $2 Nice Hand Series Qualifiers, with $30 Guaranteed, taking place Monday-Thursday, every week.
  • $3 & $5, GGIFridays Exclusive Guaranteed Tournament with $25 Guaranteed
  • $10, GGIFridays Exclusive Guaranteed Tournament with $50 Guaranteed

These tournaments are fast and snappy. No hanging around. Get straight to the action.

When does it all happen?

GG Friday 1

If you are a casino lover you can also benefit from GG Friday promotion!

GG network is giving25% Cashback (up to $10 maximum)if you’re unlucky on our casino Side Gameson any given Friday night. This will be deposited back to your account in T$ on Monday morning, just to get your poker week rolling again!

And, if you win any of our GGIFridays tournaments, GG network will add on a tournament ticket entry to next week’s GGFriday, $3, $5, or $10 Tournament(depending on which you won).

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Every Month GG brings us some great promotions. June is not the exception! GG Poker June promotions are incredible! There will be $500K in rewards. And that’s not all, you can win no matter what you play. Either NLHE Cash games, PLO cash games or Multi-Table Tournaments. Check out for more.


GG Poker June Promotions are split into 3 sections:

$300,000 Rush & Cash Gold Hunt

For the whole month of June, GG is running a leaderboard on our Rush & Cash tables and there are 800 cash prizes up for grabs. The mechanics are simple (see below).

How do you earn points?

  • One point per hand played
  • One point per flop seen
  • Three points for winning cash drop hand

How do the blind levels affect the points you earn?

  • x1 for hands played at $0.02 tables
  • x10 for hands played at $0.20 tables
  • x55 for hands played at $1 tables
  • x120 for hands played at $2 tables

Booster MULTIPLIER days

Points earned are doubled for play from June 24 – June 30

$100,000 Omaha Festival

There are 130 cash prizes that you can win across four separate leaderboards in our Omaha Festival, and the rules are simple!

How do you earn points?

  • The promo will count points you accumulate at Omaha tables per blinds you can see below
  • One point = $0.01 Rake generated at the Omaha tables
  • The points generated from different stakes (Featured, High, Middle, and Low) will be summed independently (as per the table below)


Booster Points

There will be booster points you can win. More details will come out soon!


$100,000 monthly tournament Leaderboard

Every month on GG network there is $100,000 in prizes for TOP 100 tournament players.

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This May, something incredibly special takes place at GGPoker. They are relaunching GGS. This time, take part at Good Game Series 2. Find out more!

Good Game Series 2


A 15-day series of tournaments will bring more than $10,000,000 GTD across 157 events. There’s life-changing money up for grabs in many of the main events throughout the series.

There will be tournaments for everyone’s bankroll. With accessible buy-ins ranging from $10 events up to Super High-Roller $10K buy-ins. There are also satellites running for GGS events, giving you lots of options as to how you want to approach the series or to match any bankroll.

On the opening day alone, there are twelve GGS 2 events with over $1.2 Million GTD!

Although there are tons of highlights, from $10 buy-in events up to the $750K GTD Super High-Roller tournaments, one GGS 2 event stands tall above the rest – the GGS Championship, with a whopping $500K GTD, and comprising of six Day 1 events stationed throughout the series that lead into a Day 2 showdown on May 26.


Good Game Series 2 – The Details

Date: Sunday, May 12 through Sunday, May 26

Buy-in range: $10 – $25,000

GGS Satellites: from Wednesday, May 1 through Sunday, May 26


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There is another great promotion by GG network – Rush & Cash Chase. It will take place in April and will bring $230K in rewards.

Rush & Cash Chase

Rush & Cash, GG’s new game known for its intense speed and generous Cash Drops is the subject of another Network Promotion for the month of April. Put in hands at any of our R&C tables, and compete for ¥888,000 in leaderboard prizes. What’s more, GG is throwing ¥5 Button Blind tables into the mix, which means 4 different leaderboards to compete for.

How does Rush & Cash Chase work?

  • Fire up some Rush & Cash tables and grind away like a madman

  • Earn points for each hand played. Points per hand (Button Blind) is as follows:

    • 75 (¥10)

    • 40 (¥5)

    • 9 (¥1)

    • 1 (¥0.10)

  • Hit the Required Points targets to earn instant prizes!


What can you win?

There are 4 different leaderboards with a combined ¥888,000 in prizes up for grabs. Hit the Points Requirements to instantly be awarded the corresponding prizes. Just remember, this is a Chase, so first come, first serve!

Rush & Cash Chase 1

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Do you like your poker fast? Do you love action but dislike waiting between hands? How about big rewards? GG poker brings you Rush & Cash where reward drops equivalent to 65% rakeback!

Rush & Cash

Rush&Cash is GGPoker’s unique take on fast-fold Hold’em poker. Attracting many recreational players from Asia, Rush & Cash is like our standard cash game tables, except that there’s no waiting for hands to finish after you’ve folded, and Cash Drops reward players with the equivalent of 65% flat rakeback. Instead of waiting for the hand to play out, just hit the ‘Rush‘ button. After that, you are going into another hand immediately.

The cash Drops:

At the start of randomly-selected hands, chips will rain down on to the table:

  • Cash Drop amounts vary from 10BB to 50BB
  • Smaller Cash Drops will go into the pot, creating more action
  • Larger Cash Drops will be divided and added straight to each player’s stack
  • Cash Drops, in the long run, result in a flat 65% rakeback


How Rush & Cash works:

  • Press the ‘Rush’ button and you’ll immediately be in a fresh hand against new opponents
  • You can ‘Rush’ to a new table at any time, even if it’s not your turn to act, as long as you’re facing a bet
  • If you’d like to watch a hand play out, just hold the ‘Rush’ button
  • Players are seated randomly for each hand
  • All players will be seated on the button an equal amount of times over time
  • All-In Insurance is available in Rush & Cash Games
  • Run It Multiple Times (RITT) is not available at Cash & Rush games
  • Each player pays an ante, while the player on the button (dealer position) pays the ‘button blind’
  • Rush & Cash in played in CNY currency
  • You can enter Rush & Cash tables with just your USD balance. USD will be automatically converted into CNY as you enter and leave Rush & Cash pools

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Blade Omaha Series starts from today on GG Poker! If you are Omaha fan, waste no more time, sharpen your poker skills and jump into the action!

blade omaha

Blade Omaha Series – more than $8M in guarantees every month!

GG Poker brings more excitement to the tables! This time they are ramping up the MTT Omaha action with the all new Blade series! Starting January 14th, you’ll find 2 new daily Blade PLO tourneys, with $10K and $20K guarantees! This provides more than $8M in Blade tourney guarantees every month! Check out below daily and Sunday schedules.

BLADE Daily Schedule:

blade omaha 1


BLADE Sunday Schedule:

blade omaha 2

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GG network recently introduced a new format – Chinese Rush Poker. To celebrate it, they have an ongoing promotion this month – Chinese Rush Festival.

Chinese Rush Festival

Chinese Rush Festival – The great promotion by GG network

The month-long ¥680,000 Chinese Rush Festival ($100,000 approx) awards hundreds of cash prizes; to claim your share, play Chinese Rush games, earn points and climb the leaderboard.

How it Works

It’s simple:

  • Play on Chinese Rush tables to earn points towards one of two leaderboards
  • Compete on either the Mid-stakes or Low-stakes Chinese Rush Festival leaderboards
  • Te players get 1 point  for every $0.01 in rake at Chinese Rush tables
  • At the end of the month, there are cash prizes worth nearly $100,000 awarded to the top 200 and 300 from the mid- and low-stakes leaderboards respectively

Mid-stakes consists of ¥1/¥2, ¥2/¥5, ¥5/¥10 tables and low-stakes covers ¥0.1/¥0.2, ¥0.2/¥0.5, ¥0.5/¥1 tables.

First place for the Mid-Stakes is $5.806 and for the low stakes is $2.177. To see the whole prizes structure click here.

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GG Network introduced the Chinese Rush – a fast variant of NL Holdem. You can find these cash games in the lobby.

Chinese Rush

Chinese Rush – fast NLH games

From November 26, Chines Rush is visible in the client via its very own tab. Players will have 6 different blind levels to choose from, ranging from ¥0.1 / ¥0.2 to ¥5 / ¥10. Once the ‘Join’ button is clicked, players will be seated at random – no hassle, no fuss, just automatic seating.

From then on Chinese Rush plays just like regular Hold’em, except that players will have the option to click on the ‘Quick Fold’ button. ‘Quick Fold’ instantly whisks you away to a very new table, full of new opponents. Think of ‘Quick Fold’ as a fast-forward option that allows you to watch the best parts of your favorite TV series, without having to sit through commercials and other filler.

No more dozing off in between hands, no more zoning out, no more waiting for disconnected opponents. Just the most exciting parts of Hold’em strung together to make for a no-fat, no-filler, fast-paced and action-packed experience. ‘Chinese Rush’ will truly make you feel the Rush of Hold’em.

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