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Every Month GG brings us some great promotions. June is not the exception! GG Poker June promotions are incredible! There will be $500K in rewards. And that’s not all, you can win no matter what you play. Either NLHE Cash games, PLO cash games or Multi-Table Tournaments. Check out for more.


GG Poker June Promotions are split into 3 sections:

$300,000 Rush & Cash Gold Hunt

For the whole month of June, GG is running a leaderboard on our Rush & Cash tables and there are 800 cash prizes up for grabs. The mechanics are simple (see below).

How do you earn points?

  • One point per hand played
  • One point per flop seen
  • Three points for winning cash drop hand

How do the blind levels affect the points you earn?

  • x1 for hands played at $0.02 tables
  • x10 for hands played at $0.20 tables
  • x55 for hands played at $1 tables
  • x120 for hands played at $2 tables

Booster MULTIPLIER days

Points earned are doubled for play from June 24 – June 30

$100,000 Omaha Festival

There are 130 cash prizes that you can win across four separate leaderboards in our Omaha Festival, and the rules are simple!

How do you earn points?

  • The promo will count points you accumulate at Omaha tables per blinds you can see below
  • One point = $0.01 Rake generated at the Omaha tables
  • The points generated from different stakes (Featured, High, Middle, and Low) will be summed independently (as per the table below)


Booster Points

There will be booster points you can win. More details will come out soon!


$100,000 monthly tournament Leaderboard

Every month on GG network there is $100,000 in prizes for TOP 100 tournament players.

Join the June great action! Register with us to one of the best GG Poker skins- Natural8!