partypoker has released the POWERFEST schedule – the upcoming online festival! Find the dates for your favorite tournaments and joint this $28M series!

powerfest schedule


The 10th edition of the partypoker’s flagship tournament series will run from July 28 to August 11. It will bring ver $28M in guaranteed prize money spread across 275 separate tournaments.

The POWERFEST schedule features an array of game types and structures in a range of buy-ins to suit all bankrolls.  There will be new and returning formats such as ‘Battle PKOs’, ‘6-4 Mix-Max’, ‘PLO’, ‘PLO8’ and ‘Big Antes’, while ‘Phased events’ and ‘POWERFEST $320s’ also make a return for the 10th edition.

Omaha players are well catered for, with over $1.9M in guaranteed prize money to be won. This popular 4-card game will also have it’s own championship events!

A total of eight Championship Events will bring the festival to a close on August 11, while players can enjoy a taste of the action for a fraction of the price through special edition SPINS games, starting July 14.

The following table displays the Championship Events scheduled for August 11, with commemorative silverware awaiting all eight winners:

powerfest schedule 1

To celebrate the landmark 10th edition, a $10k Freeroll will award a mixture of series seats.  Also, the “POWERFEST Satellite Week”  starts on July 21st and they make this schedule even more attractive.  There will be daily freerolls each giving away $1,000 worth of satellite tickets in the run-up to the campaign. 

Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard said: “I am really excited that POWERFEST is coming back around again. The series is always a standout highlight on the online poker calendar and one I make space in my diary for.

“The 10th edition promises to be extra special too, with a host of promotions lined up to give players the chance to join the action for less, including a $10k freeroll!”

Powerfest key information:

  • Dates: Sunday, 28th July – Sunday, 11th August (full schedule is available on the site now)
  • GTD: $28M
  • Buy-in range: $5.50 – $25,500
  • Variants: NLH / PLO
  • Championship Events: 8
  • Exclusive promotion: POWERFEST SPINS
  • Also: POWERFEST $320s & phased and Championship events

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Are you getting ready for the upcoming POWERFEST series on partypoker? $28M is heading your way and with POWERFEST SPINS you could turn $5 into a $1,050 POWERFEST ticket! Do not miss all that fun! Check out for more details below!

powerfest spins

partypoker is currently running a special edition of SPINS –  until the end of POWERFEST (Sunday, 11th August). Once you buy in for just $5, the SPINS multiplier will determine the size of the prize pool – it could be boosted by up to 210 times. This means that you have the chance to win a $1,050 POWERFEST ticket in minutes!

Here’s the key information about POWERFEST SPINS:

  • 3 players
  • $5 buy-in
  • The top prize of a $1,050 POWERFEST ticket

Below is the breakdown of the prizes you could win, along with the probability of playing for that prize:

powerfest spins 1

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Are you hungry for some great MTT action? Be patient for a little while! POWERFEST returns to partypoker! Be ready to jump into the action!


POWERFEST returns to partypoker bringing $28M in guarantees!

This great series will take place from 28th July to 11th August. There will be buy-ins, games, and structures to suit all tastes and bankrolls, so anyone can enjoy it!

You can also expect Championship Events, POWERFEST SPINS, and above all, huge prize pools! 

Stay tuned for more information soon! By then, prepare yourself for one of the greatest MTT actions this summer!


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Great news for cash game players. With partypoker, you can now get double cashback points if you start the tables. Check out for more!

double cashback

How does double cashback for table starters work?

Opt-in just once to qualify for Table Starter Cashback.

To earn double cashback, simply play in a cash game hand (excludes fastforward) where either 2 or 3 players already play.

You can play at any stake, but you must participate in a 6-max table or higher. Double points will be paid daily, arriving in your account within 24 hours after play on the previous day.

Table Starter Cashback runs throughout the week from Sunday (00:00) to Saturday (23:59) – so head to the cash game tables and boost your cashback score!

Here’s the key information:

  • Running weekly, Sunday to Saturday
  • Double your cashback points
  • 2 or 3 active players
  • Any stake
  • 6-max or bigger table excludes fastforward
  • Opt-in once


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Last week we presented you partypoker’s Cash game Missions. But that is not all!. partypoker is calling all fans of Sit & Go’s! The weather is heating up and so is your favorite game. Step up to the challenge of the Sit & Go Mission and take on two levels of difficulty. This promotion is perfect for all types of players.

Sit & Go Mission

The EASY Sit & Go Mission has 3 objectives:

  1. Play 3 Sit & Go tournaments a day for 3 days (Sit & Go nowhere)
  2. Win a hand with AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and TT (these broadway pockets are for fame)
  3. Eliminate 1 player a day for 5 days in Sit & Go’s (K.O. week)

Reward: $10 bonus

The EXTREME Sit & Go Mission has 3 objectives:

  1. Play 5 Sit & Go tournaments a day for 5 days (Sit & Go nowhere)
  2. Win a hand with 22, 55, 77, 88 and 99 (these pockets are for professionals)
  3. Eliminate 5 players a day for 5 days in Sit & Go’s (K.O. week extreme)

Reward: $25 bonus and $5 cash.

These two Missions are available in the poker lobby for a limited time only, but you will have at least 4 weeks to finish both Missions if you like. So get started by going to your ‘Missions’ section, selecting the ‘Sit & Go Mission’ EASY or EXTREME and clicking ‘Start Mission’.

Remember, if you have an active Mission you’ll need to pause it before you can start the Sit & Go Mission.

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Get even more action at the SPINS tables by winning cash prizes. With the partypoker’s  SPINS Quickfire Leaderboards you can win up to $100 every 4 hours.


The action begins at 20:00(CEST) on Friday 28th June, up until 23:59(CEST) on Sunday, 30th June.

Buy into SPINS at the Low ($0.25 – $1), Medium ($3 – $10) or High ($20 – $50) level and earn points to get on the leaderboard for your buy-in level.

Each leaderboard lasts 4 hours. The top 5 players of each leaderboard will receive a cash prize (credited 24 hours after the promotion has ended). The leaderboard then restarts for another 4 hours and keeps going until midnight on Sunday!

Key info:

  • Friday, 28th 20:00(CEST) – Sunday, 30th June 23:59(CEST)
  • Choose a buy-in level: Low ($0.25-$1), Medium ($3 – $10) or High ($20 – $50)
  • Play SPINS to earn leaderboard points for your buy-in level
  • Top 5 players on each Leaderboard win a cash prize
  • Leaderboards restart every 4 hours, giving away more cash prizes
  • The prize shall be credited within 24 hours after the promotion has ended.

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partypoker keeps finding the ways to spice up the things at the tables! With their Cash Game Missions daily grind doesn’t have to be that monotonous! Check out how to win some extra money!

Cash Game Missions

This promotion has two parts and you have limited time to accomplish each of them! When you complete them, each of these Mission will give you a $25 cash reward.

Cash Game Mission – Pocket Pairs

The first Mission is all about the power of your starting hand, so you need to win with all the different pocket pairs in the game. And in descending order. That means you’ve got to start with A-A and finish with 2-2.

Cash Game Mission – Final Hands

This Mission is a quest for one of the mightiest hands in poker, the straight flush. Start by winning a showdown with a pair and work your way all the way up to that straight flush with all the different hand ranks in the right order in between.

Remember, if you have an active Mission you’ll need to pause it before you can start one of the Cash Games Missions.


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Until the Sunday 23rd June there are the Micro Leaderboards running on partypoker. Use your chance to win some extra money with small buy-ins!

Micro Leaderboards

There is not just one, but two leaderboards each offering you the chance to win SPINS tickets as well as cash prizes up to $100!

How Micro Leaderboards work?

Super Micro and Micro leaderboards will both run from Monday, 10th – Sunday 23rd June, each boasting 50 paid positions.

Simply earn leaderboard points by playing tournaments. The below table shows the tournaments that qualify for each leaderboard

Micro Leaderboards 1


Top either leaderboard and win a cash prize up of $100!

Tickets for partypoker’s action-packed, three-handed SPINS games are also available.

The payouts are the same for both Super Micro and Micro leaderboards, and are listed below:

Micro Leaderboards 2

General Information:


  1. Micro Stakes Leaderboard promotion starts on 10th June 2019.
  2. Micro Stakes Leaderboard runs from every Monday (00:00:00 CET) and ends on the following Sunday (23:59:59 CET).
  3.  The tournaments in Super Micro Leaderboard with a buy-in of between $0.22 – $0.88 to qualify for Super Micro Leaderboard points.
  4. Tournaments in Micros Leaderboard with a buy-in of between $1.10 – $4.40 to qualify for Micros Leaderboard points.
  5. Tournaments with non-cash prizes, such as satellites, do not count towards Leaderboard points.

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There’s still time to land a massive score in partypoker Monster Series Finale! The $2.5M+ GTD Series is running until this Sunday.

monster series finale

Running until this Sunday, buy into the mega-value series from just $2.20. Compete for GTD prize money as high as $200K.

There are a variety of games and structures to choose from. You can play Mix-Max, PKO, or Deepstack. Each tournament has one thing in common – tiny buy-ins with monster guarantees!

Championship Events:

With guaranteed prize money as high as $200K, don’t miss out on this Sunday’s four prestigious Championship Events!

Check out the full details below:

monster series finale 1

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Get ready for $500K partypoker Alias Race! It is completely free! Check out how it works and join the action to collect some great prizes.

partypoker Alias Race

Running on Monday, 17th June for 24 hours only, you’ll have the chance to win big with our hourly Click Card drops! There are prizes of up to $10,000 cash to play for. 

partypoker Alias Race

partypoker is launching the latest version of the partypoker software on Desktop, Mac, and Mobile. As part of the launch, all partypoker players will have to change their alias (screen name).

The latest version will be available at 09:00 (BST) 17/06/2019. From this time, when you open the lobby a pop-up window will appear after you log in. Fill that window by simply choosing a new screen name!

So, if you’ve always wanted the screen name “partypokerhero” for example, now is your chance to grab it!

Screen names can be anything you want, subject to our usual rules about ‘appropriate language’ and with certain other words or phrases blocked.

$500K Click Cards Drops

Starting at 09:00 (BST) 17/06/2019, our $500K Click Card promotion is split into three parts – Login Click Cards, Hourly Click Cards, and Freerolls – which combine to create an enormous $500K GTD giveaway!

partypoker Alias Race 1


Where can you find your Click Cards?

You can find your Click Cards under Promotions’ in the ‘Offers’ section. Click Cards will only be available after you’ve logged in and changed your screen name, then generated 0.10 loyalty points in a qualifying hour.

This is a time-limited offer running for 24 hours only. So remember to log in and choose your new screen name on 17th June!

Also, make sure you download the latest version of our software and ensure money is available in your account, to prevent missing out on the promotion.


What else is being launched with this update?

Further information about the latest update will be published on 17th June. However, we can confirm that it will bring the following features:

  • New Hand Replayer
  • Changes to the rules on observing tables
  • Some changes to the list of permitted third-party software that can be used whilst playing on partypoker

If you still don’t have the account at partypoker now is a great time to consider opening it. Register with us and you will have up to $30 in SPINS tickets.