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The most prestigious poker tournament, World Series of Poker Main Event, came to an end!  This year champion is John Cynn, 33-years old from Indianapolis.

WSOP winner John Cynn

Main Event Champion John Cynn

After 10 days of fight in the last two weeks, he managed to win the bracelet.  Defeating a field of 7.874 players turned his $10.000 into a fantastic $8.8 million dollars! Just to remind, this is not his first significant score on WSOP Main Event. In 2016, John Cynn was out 11th, just before the final table, and collected a reward of $650.000.

After winning the title of this year World Series of Poker Main Event, he said that he realizes how important this money is but he won’t let it change him:

“The money is very significant, but I do like to think that I don’t need the money to be happy,”  said Cynn. “But at the same time, practically, it’s going to make things a lot easier — things  I want to do in life,  even to my parents, this is money that they never could’ve imagined. It’s  definitely going to be life-changing.”



heads up, WSOP, John Cynn

Heads up 10 hours fight between John Cynn and Tony Miles

For winning the bracelet John Cynn had to beat a very tough opponent, Tony Miles.  Two of them were playing heads up for over 10 hours, which is a new record of hands played in WSOP heads-up (199), and hands played on the final table of WSOP (442)

Heads up began with both players having the similar stack (119bb), Miles had a bit more chips. On the final hand John Cynn opened with KClub SuitJClub Suit, Miles 3bet him with QClub Suit8Heart Suit. The flop came: KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit5Heart Suit. Miles made a continuation bet and Cynn just called. The turn brought  8Diamond Suit and Miles pushed all-in. After thinking for a while Joh Cynn made a call which got him a first place cash prize and most prestigious bracelet in the poker world. The runner-up Tony Miles won $5 million!

Here you can see the whole final table with finishing positions  and cash prizes:

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