Optibet Poker recently joined the party network. They now share the players’ pool with partypoker, Bwin, and Coral Poker, but also some great promotions. Optibet Poker is now available in Latvia and Estonia. Take a look at what they have to offer now.

Optibet Poker

Optibet recently joined a party network and is now part of one of the greatest online poker operators. Besides sharing the players’ pool, players from Latvia and Estonia can now enjoy many benefits. Check what is on the plate.


Optibet Poker Welcome Offer

Optibet has a unique welcome offer for its players. There are no confusing schemes or hard formulas. Simply, 30 days after opening client and opting in, players will earn double points on every $1 of rake they generate. Normally, they get 1 point for $1 rake, but during this promotional period, they will get 2 points for a $1 rake. This can increase winnings drastically!


Loyalty system – Up to 40% of cashback on a weekly basis

As we already mentioned,d by playing real-money games, players receive points. You need to get at least 25 points per week to receive a cashback on Monday morning. Do not forget to opt-in at poker client. The percentage of the cashback players can earn goes from 20% all the way up to 50%. During the 30 days of welcome offer promotion. players can earn up to 80% of cashback!



Besides the great welcome offer and loyalty system, Optibet Poker has a great offer of games for anyone’s taste. And that is not all, those games are often followed by great promotions. More about those promotions and offers you can find on our site.


Optibet Latvia Welcome Offer

Optibet Latvia has a unique welcome offer! There are no confusing schemes or hard formulas. Simply, for the 30 days after you launch your client, you will earn double loyalty points. Regularly, players earn 1 point for every 1$ they generate, but during the promotional period of the welcome offer, they will get 2 points for each 1$ of rake. That means that you can earn up to 80% cashback in the 1st 30 days. Earn a minimum of 25 points to be eligible for the weekly cashback. All you have to do is to opt-in in the poker client under the “Offers” section.


Loyalty Programme – Up to 40% Cashback weekly

The Optibet Latvia loyalty system is very simple. All you have to do is to take part in the real-money games and collect points. For every $1 of rake you generate, you will get 1 point. Earn a minimum of 25 points to be eligible for the weekly cashback. The more you play, the more percentages of cashback you will earn. It can go from 20%-40%. Every Monday morning you will have cashback added to your balance.

Points Cashback Payment %
25 $5.00 20%
50 $10.00
75 $15.00
100 $20.00
150 $37.50 25%
200 $50.00
250 $62.50
300 $75.00
350 $87.50
400 $100.00
450 $112.50
500 $125.00
600 $180.00 30%
700 $210.00
800 $240.00
900 $270.00
1000 $300.00
1200 $480.00 40%
1400 $560.00
1600 $640.00
1800 $720.00
2000 $800.00
thereafter 40% for every 200 points earned


Great MTT Offer

If you are an MTT lover, at Optibet Latvia you can choose whatever you like. With the buy-ins range for anyone’s bankroll and various formats, you can experience all beauties of tournament poker. Besides the endless NLHE Tournaments with great guarantees, there are also Omaha Daily Legends for the fans of this attractive format. Optibet also spices things up by adding Progressive Knockout tournaments. No matter if you prefer NLHE or PLO, you will have a chance to prove yourself in the arena.


Become a Weekly Legend – win the leaderboard

Optibet Latvia is adding even more value to their Daily Legends. If you like to compete, there are 5 different leaderboards depending on the buy-in you want to pay. Every week, the prize pool is an incredible $60K in tournament tickets. Sounds like a great reason to climb to the top and win your share. To earn points, simply play in the two Daily Legends tournaments that are part of each leaderboard.

Leaderboard Buy-in Tournaments
1 $2.20 The Double Jab & The Deuce
2 $5.50 The Headhunter & The Five Diamond
3 $11 The Terminator & The Ocean’s
4 $22 The Predator & The Clásico
5 $55 The Gladiator & The Masters



Predator Hunt at Optibet Latvia 

Boost your winnings by eliminating one of the Optibet Latvia predators!

This promotion runs Monday to Saturday at 20.05 and here is what you need to do to win a prize:

  1. Knock out a ‘predator’ from The Predator.
  2. Grab a screenshot of your glorious KO!
  3. Upload to Twitter within 24 hours, tagging @partypoker in the post
  4. Upload to Instagram stories within 24 hours, tagging @optibetlatvija

Once you have done all from the above, you’ll land a $22 Predator ticket. You can win 2 of those per week. But that is not all…

For every predator you KO, you’ll earn one point for the Predator Hunt Leaderboard. The leaderboard pays out 5X $22 Predator tickets every week! So, try to collect as many points as you can.

Optibet Latvia predators:

Name Nickname
Santiago González KirbyPop
Jacobo Montoya SoyPez
Andrei Kozlenko BabyShark 1kk
Leonid Logunov IIIIIIIIII
Дмитрий Кухтарев spr32
Monika Zukowicz HeyMonia
Dayane Kotoviezy daykotoviezy
Louise Butler lou045
Carl Froch Carl_Froch
Matt Staples MatthewStaples
Jaime Staples jaimestaples
Anatoly Nikitin NikTolik
Martin Gavrilov DrHoldEm
Douglas Ferreira gigife
Jose Gerardo Grill Guochi74

Please play responsibly 18+

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.