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PokerStars 19th Anniversary

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If you are looking for some great Poker action we have an offer for you! Play at PokerStars and take advantage of their 19th Anniversary! So do not hesitate anymore – jump into the action!  If you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

19th Anniversary

PokerStars is turning 19 years old and they’re throwing a big birthday bash! And to celebrate, they’re giving you a chance to win up to $10,000 in cash.

Opt-in to the Challenge to receive three locked Chests and, between March 16-April 3, complete a progress bar each day to win a Chest that contains Points and puzzle pieces uncovering a key moment in PokerStars history. Collect 10,000 Points to open the three locked Chests, with an ultimate cash prize of up to $10,000!

How it works:

  • Opt-in to Stars Rewards (if you’ve not already done so)
  • Head to your Challenges Window and hit ‘Start’ on your PokerStars 19th Anniversary Challenge to see your history quest
  • You’ll automatically receive three locked Chests, each with cash prizes
  • Play real money games and complete a progress bar each day to open a Chest

Each day you complete a progress bar, you’ll receive one Chest with a puzzle piece uncovering a key moment in PokerStars history and Points that will help you on your way to unlocking the three locked Chests. And not only that, but you’ll also receive a Stars Rewards Chest packed with traditional rewards.

19th Anniversary table 1

Key information:

The following are the rules (“Rules”) of the PokerStars 19th Anniversary promotion (the “Promotion”) taking place on their GUI software client (the “Client”) or any of their participating websites or any downloadable apps for their games.

Details of Promotion

  • To begin, you must join the Stars Rewards program (“Stars Reward Program”).
  • Provided you have joined the Stars Rewards Program, you will be able to opt-in to the Promotion during the Promotion Period by hitting ‘Open’ and then ‘Start’ in your Challenges Window in the Client, website or app. Once you have opted in the Promotion, you will be automatically allocated three Locked Chests (“Locked Chests”) to your player account (“Player Account”).
  • You have a progress bar which will measure the reward points that you earn from the real money play with them. Every time you complete the progress bar, you will receive a Stars Rewards Chest (“Stars Rewards Chest”) which will contain a reward (“Reward”) as part of the Stars Rewards Program. For the duration of the Promotion Period and in addition to the Stars Reward Chest, you will also receive a Promotional Chest (“Promotional Chests”), limited to one per day, which will consist of the following:
    • A section from the PokerStars 19th Anniversary grid;
    • Promotional Points (“Points”).
  • The number of points you can get in a Promotional Chest will vary depending on the following probability table:

19th Anniversary table 2

If you don’t have the account at PokerStars, register with us and grab the welcome bonus up to $600!