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WPT Global Poker announced that Global Spins are coming soon! If you are fan of SNG Jackpots, find all the details and structures at the article below.

Global Spins

Global Spins will soon be available at WPT Global Poker! This will be a WPTG’s version of online SNG Jackpots with 3 players. They will have a buy-ins for everyone’s bankrolls. The lowest buy-in will be $1 and those will go up all the way up to $250. This prize can range from 2x the buy-in, all the way up to 6000x!

Maybe the best things of all is that many promotions will follow the launch of this feature!


Global Spins key Details:

The starting stack of each game depends on the game multiplier. For all Spins games, the blinds increase every 3
hands, meaning the action will be fast and furious! Designed to be an action packed and adrenaline filled experience, games will last around
5 minutes on average.

Games run at 7% combined effective rake, plus Progressive Jackpot contribution.
The best thing about these games is they’re on demand, meaning if you take a bad beat, you’ll be able to jump right back into the action!


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If you still don’t have an account at WPT Global Poker, register with us and join the action!