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BestPoker rake race

Are you a true Spin fun? If you are, we are bringing you GGPoker’s lottery-style Sit & Go Format “Spin & Gold”! Check out how it works and if you like it, try out your luck today!

Spin & Gold

GGPoker has introduced it much-awaited Jackpot Sit and Go with various twists including an optional insurance feature.

Spin & Gold is set up much like other lottery sit and go games: Three-handed, fast-structured format, where the jackpot prize is randomized at the start of each tournament.

Learn about the differences in payouts, structure, multiplier frequency and the new ‘Spin Insurance’ feature from GGPoker’s Lottery SNG.

GGPoker’s version of a lottery-style SNG is allowing players to win back the buy-in should a 2x multiplier jackpot prize hit.

The game comes with in-game special challenges, allowing players to earn an additional cashback of up to 60%.

Four buy-ins

The buy-ins are $1, $5, $20 and $50, with a maximum jackpot of $600,000.

Each of the buy-ins award prize pools randomly between 2x and 12,000x, meaning players can win up to $12,000 in a $1 buy-in game and $600,000 in a $50 buy-in game.

Approximately 53% of the times the jackpot prize pool is 3x or more. Multipliers higher than 3x include 5x, 10x, 25x, 120x, 240x and the highest 12,000x.

The x120 multiplier games upwards award all three places with a prize. In the x120 games upwards 2nd gets more than 3rd (Unlike most other Lottery SNGs) so there is an ICM dynamic between 3rd and 2nd.

First place receives 41.7% of the jackpot prize pool, 2nd place receives 33.3% while 3rd place takes home 25%.

At 7% across the board, the rake is on the higher side.

Spin & Gold Payouts

Spin Insurance

Something else which separates Spin & Gold from other versions of the Lottery SNG is the Spin Insurance feature.

GGPoker is offering players the opportunity to insure against hitting the lowest jackpot.

Players can opt-in feature where you can pay to insure yourself against getting a x2 multiplier by paying an extra buy-in.

If you do find yourself in a x2 multiplier, you instantly get your buy-in and insurance money refunded, basically turning the tournament into a freeroll.

Spin & Gold Challenge

Spin & Gold Challenge is a loyalty program that awarding players up to 60% cashback.

Players must opt-in to the challenge to enjoy extra cashback.

After that, you will be asked for the length of the session you intend to play. Then will be presented with six choices of different cashback options. All of the options have different targets.


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