Check out XP Points Poker Leaderboards by Unibet Poker! It can bring some fun to the tables and make the beginning of the year even more thrilling. You can find all the necessary details in the article below. If you like how it sounds, head to the lobby and start your journey.

XP Points Poker Leaderboards

XP Points Poker Leaderboards are on at Unibet Poker and will last until the 5th of February 2023. During this time there are 5 weekly poker leaderboards that bring €65,000 in total prizes! All you have to do is to play real money games and you will earn points for every 1c of rake you pay. The more points you earn, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll climb. Reach the top and there’s a cool €1,100 waiting! Each leaderboard has a €13,000 prize pool, so whether you’re a tournament shark, a cash game demon, or love the thrill of speedy HexaPro games, you’ll collect points along the way.


XP Points Poker Leaderboards Schedule

 Weeks Timeframe Total
1  02/01 – 08/01  €           13,000.00
2  09/01 – 15/01  €           13,000.00
3  16/01 – 22/01  €           13,000.00
4  23/01 – 29/01  €           13,000.00
5  30/01 – 05/02  €           13,000.00


Prizes distribution for each weekly leaderboard:

Position Price













































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**18+ T&C apply!
Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

Unibet Game Lab is a new Vip System that brings some great changes. This is what they stated: “We feel a strong need for a system that can work for all game types, is mobile-friendly and has less complexity to it”. You can find more details of this innovation in the text below and if you like how it sounds, head to the tables!

Unibet Game Lab

Unibet Game Lab – A new Vip System that brings some great rewards to loyal players


Unibet Poker recently launched a new loyalty program – Game Lab. This means that they removed all missions and tasks. The new VIP system works way simpler. This new system can bring 8% to 51% of rakeback.

Here is how Unibet Game Lab works:

  • For each cent of rake, the player gets 1 Loyalty Point (LP).
  • The new loyalty program has 7 levels.
  • Each level has several sublevels.
  • By reaching a sublevel the player earns Bonus Points (BP)
  • Players then exchange BPs for cash.

Game Lab full details:

Level Loyalty Points Requirement

(1c rake = 1 point)

Game Lab Reward Level Reward Free Access
Bonus Points Multiplier Bonus Point Multiplier Reward
1-1 125 10 Bonus Points
1-2 250 10 Bonus Points
1-3 375 10 Bonus Points
Level 2 Access
15 Bonus Points
Regular freeroll access
2-1 1,000 35 Bonus Points 2x 10
2-2 1,500 35 Bonus Points 2x 10
2-3 2,000 35 Bonus Points 2x 10
Level 3 Access
€1 HexaPro ticket
3-1 4,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x 70
3-2 6,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x 70
3-3 8,500 150 Bonus Points 3.5x 70
Level 4 Access
150 Bonus Points
4-1 23,000 €20 Playthrough bonus 4.5x 563
4-2 35,500 1,000 Bonus Points 4.5x 563
4-3 48,000 1,000 Bonus Points 4.5x 563
Level 5 Access
1,000 Bonus Points
Unibet Open Freeroll
5-1 100,500 €50 Playthrough bonus 6.5x 2,600
5-2 140,500 4,000 Bonus Points 6.5x 2,600
5-3 180,500 4,000 Bonus Points 6.5x 2,600
Level 6 Access
4,000 Bonus Points
6-1 390,500 €500 Playthrough Bonus 12x 20,400
6-2 560,500 40,000 Bonus Points 12x 20,400
6-3 730,500 40,000 Bonus Points 12x 20,400
Level 7 Access
40,000 Bonus Points
7-1 1,285,500 €1,000 Cash 18x 69,300
7-2 1,670,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x 69,300
7-3 2,055,500 €1,000 Cash 18x 69,300
7-4 2,440,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x 69,300
7-5 2,825,500 €1,000 Cash 18x 69,300
7-6 3,210,500 100,000 Bonus Points 18x 69,300
7-7 3,595,500 €1,500 Cash 18x 69,300
7-8 3,980,500 €2,000 Cash 18x 69,300
7-9 4,365,500 €3,000 Cash 18x 69,300

All points and multipliers until level 6 will be reset every quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1). Higher levels will carry over for the next period.


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**18+ T&C apply
Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

Are you a football fan? If you are, you are certainly watching Euros! With Unibet, you can spice it up, because there new Poker Freerolls running every matchday! Check out how it works and join this football mania and enjoy some great poker action! More details you can find in the text below.

Poker Freerolls

Extend the football thrill about the Euros with Unibet Poker and keep playing after the final whistle. Bet €10 on the Euros for a ticket to use at one of two daily poker freerolls and play for €1,000 every matchday.

You can play every matchday, and once you place a qualifying bet, you will get a ticket that you can use the same day. You will have an option to take part in 2 freerolls.

The first freeroll is a €400 flip tournament at halftime of the last match of the day, the second is a turbo tournament starting after the last match. This one has a prize pool of €600.

There will be 22 matchdays in total, which means that there is €1,000  to play for each of them.  Wait no more, jump into the action and don’t miss this great value!

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Unibet brought another great promotion for poker players. This you can face King Of Flips!  If you can beat him, you will win some great poker prizes! Earn more tokens by playing Cash Games, Hexapros and SNGs to take on the house in the Poker Flips mini-game. Find all the details in the text below.

king of flips

Play your cards right and you could even win a €2,000 Unibet Open package! And to get you going, simply open the poker client to receive a free bronze token. Even a King can lose their crown – are you ready for a shot at the throne?

How to use your tokens:


Earn tokens based on your stakes to play hands against the King of Flips. Once you’ve earned at least one token, you can use it in our Poker Flips mini game. In this Hold’em game, you and the King of Flips each receive two holecards and a flop – turn and river will be dealt automatically.  After each hand, you have the option to collect your prize or risk it for a higher one by playing another flip. Higher value tokens start closer to the top and the chance to beat the king of flips for a €2000 Unibet Open package.

How to earn tokens:

Pick up tokens in 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Earn up to 5 tokens per tier (up to 15 tokens in total per day).To earn one token, a player must

  • See 25 flops in Cash Game or
  • Play 5 SNGs or
  • Play 3 Hexapros

The stakes you play, determine your token tier”:


What you can win:

king 1

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Jackpots move the needle! That’s why Unibet brings us the Jackpot Quest.  Along with them, a raft of specials for its exclusive release with Jackpot June promotion!

Jackpot June

An adventure-styled game, Jackpot Quest holds untapped earnings potential with Rewarding Symbols, Bonus Spins, and Super Win features. You can win it across a 6×6 layout, as you scour ancient ruins and navigate wild jungles for lost treasure.

To celebrate its launch, €40,000 and Free Spins are also going spare with our Infinity Free Spins, €3,000 Daily Tournament and €20,000 Prize Draw offers in Jackpot June!

Unibet continues to bring great promotion for its players. Jackpot June is just another great offer for everyone!


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Seems like Unibet has a lot to offer this spring. Check out the new promotion: Poker Spring Prize Drop. Win your share of €100,000.

Poker Spring Prize Drop

You have seven weeks to win some great prizes on Unibet. With their Spring Prize Drop worth €100.000, you have a chance for a great win. The giveaway will drop an array of bonus points, HexaPro tickets and even €100 Supernova tickets on Cash Game tables. So keep an eye out for the parachute icon when choosing where to play.  Every active player on a prize drop table wins, whether under the gun or on the button!

How to play and win the Poker Spring Prize Drop:

  • Check in regularly. Prizes change daily so make sure you don’t miss out
  • Take part at an eligible stake level. Different No Limit and Pot Limit buy-ins will earn you different prizes:
    • Gold drops available on €25+ games
    • Silver drops available on €10+ games
    • Bronze drops available on €4+ games and all Banzai Games
  • If your table is selected for a drop all players dealt-in win the prize that lands!

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There is a great reason to play on Unibet from 6th May until 2nd June. HexaPro Daily Races run every day for these four weeks. Win your share!

HexaPro Daily Races

HexaPro Daily Races run every day for four weeks and Unibet has got €27,000 to give away.

Earn points and climb the leader boards just by playing. The more games you play, the more points you score, it’s simple as that. We’ve got two kickers as well. We will boost Cash prizes on Sundays, and every second time you draw the lowest multiplier (1.5x), we’ll give you extra points!

How to play:

  • Buy-in to any HexaPro game – you earn points for every game you play no matter the outcome
  • Keep track of the daily leader boards in the Poker client
  • Earn extra points every second time your pot multiplier is 1.5x
  • All prizes are boosted on Sundays

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Are you a BlackJack fun? Unibet gold cards can bring you some extra money.

Unibet gold cards

Unibet Gold Cards –  every Saturday and Sunday between 15:00 CET to 01:00 CET

How it works:

You simply have to play on Unibet exclusive Live Blackjack Tables ( between 15:00 and 01:00 CET every weekend). You will have a chance to get a Gold Card which Unibet gives away randomly to the players.  Gold Cards value will vary – ranging from €10, €20, and €50.  A player will win the Gold Card amount regardless of the outcome of the hand. Only the player who is sitting at the seat where the card is dealt will be eligible for the cash prize. Any players playing Bet Behind on that box will not receive any prize. Each player can get up to 15 gold cards during one round of the promotion (Saturday and Sunday).

unibet gold cards 1

If you are a poker lover, don’t forget about our new Series of Freeroll on Unibet! It is exclusively for YPC players, and to find out how to join it, click here.