Optibet Latvia Sportsbook Welcome Offer – Up to €100 in Risk-Free Bets 

Everyone who wants to join Optibet Latvia Sportsbook can take advantage of this great offer. It is very simple. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Register to Optibet Latvia
  • Chose the welcome offer by clicking the “CLAIM NOW” button
  • Make your 1st deposit of at least €10
  • Receive €30 in Risk-Free Bets instantly.
  • Use the Free Bets on any sports at Optibet
  • Wager 100€ on any sports by single bets and get €20 more in Risk-Free Bets
  • When you wager at least 50€ on any sports by 2-fold combined multi-bets you will earn an additional €20 in Risk-Free Bets
  • Finally, wager at least 50€ on any sports by 3-fold combined multi-bets and you will get €30 more in Risk-Free Bets

Cash-out at any time

With Optibet you don’t have to wait until the end of the events to get your money. You can simply cash out by using a cash-out feature. This way you reduce chances for loss and increase chances for a win. Sounds like a great option. Here is how this feature works:

If you place a bet and after total odds of the slip:

  1. The odds have dropped – Then you can Cash Out a higher amount than the original bet amount
  2. The odds have increased – Then the Cash Out amount will be smaller than your bet amount.

Optibet Latvia Sportsbook Comboboost

This special option helps players increase the total win of the combined or system bet by multiplying netto winning and additional multiplier. The more bets you have, the bigger multiplier will be and that means only one – your win will be greater! Here is how it works::

  • Open sports or live bets.
  • Choose events and add them to the coupon.
  • Boost calculates automatically f the coupon has 3 or more events with each event odds 1.3 or more.
  • Place your bet and win more!

Here is the formula:

3 events in coupon give +3% additional multiplier (netto win)
4 events in coupon give +4% additional multiplier (netto win)
5 events in coupon give +5% additional multiplier (netto win)
6 events in coupon give +6% additional multiplier (netto win)
7 events in coupon give +10% additional multiplier (netto win)
8 events in coupon give +15% additional multiplier (netto win)
9 events in coupon give +20% additional multiplier (netto win)
10-14 events in coupon give +25% additional multiplier (netto win)
15 or more events in coupon give +30% additional multiplier (netto win)


Get 10€ of Risk-Free Bets with Optibet Virslīga

Do not miss this great value. Here is how simple it is:

  • Open My bonus page and choose “Optibet Virslīga offer”
  • Deposit 20€
  • Wager at least 50€ In multi-bets on any Optibet Virslīga matches
  • Receive 10€ (2×5€) in LIVE risk-free bets on any football events


Discover Esports with Optibet – Best odds at the market

The future is here, the Esports are here! Discover them with Optibet and here is what is there for you:

  • The best odds
  • 10 times more Esports events than before
  • LIVE streams for most of the events in excellent quality
  • Cash out feature is available

Virtual Sports at Optibet

Optibet Latvia Sportsbook offers an opportunity to bet on virtual sports. This is a computer simulation of a real sports event with all its rules and principles. It is a set of planned games with fixed odds based on a certified random number generator to determine the winner. All you have to do is to open a virtual sports page, choose any sports, and place a bet. It is as simple as that!

Virtual sports benefits:

  • Short matches lasting 2-3 minutes, which will allow you to know the result very quickly.
  • Available 24/7, games are available all the time and regardless of the weather, season, or day.
  • The quality of the game is not affected by any outside factors.
  • Exclusive Euroleague legends instant game features real-life exhilarating footage from the greatest match-ups

Live Streaming

At Optibet Latvia Sportsbook you can now bet without turning a head from the match. Use this feature no to only enjoy the thrills of live bets, but also to watch your favorite sports events while you are betting, in real-time.

Optibet Latvia Sportsbook non-stop promotions

On top of the promotions we mentioned above, Optibet constantly has many other great promos that sometimes have limited promotional periods. The promotions usually follow the world’s biggest sports event. Being that those promotions are often replacing each other, you won’t have to wait too long for those that really suit you. You can always look for hot offers by clicking HERE and heading to the promotions tab. Also, do not forget to check our NEWS section where we will write more about those promotions.

Please play responsibly 18+

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