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Flush Jackpot at BestPoker

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If you are a Poker lover, we are bringing you an exclusive promotion for BestPoker. If you like taking part in some great promotions, then you should check out the latest BestPoker’s promotion – Flush Jackpot! Take your part at this great promotion and try to hit the Flush Jackpot! So do not hesitate anymore – jump into the action! If this sounds interesting to you and you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

Flush Jackpot

Flush is the flower of Short Deck poker!

Flush is a strong hand in Hold’em or Omaha, but pairs on the board breed caution since it does not outrank a full house.
There is no need for that in Short Deck! Flush beats a full house. So if someone turns over aces full, you don’t have to shy away. Instead, confidently boast your flush!
Hitting the Flush (or higher) in Short Deck comes with another upside.
Even better, just by playing Short Deck cash games, you have a chance at an instant cash grab! Hit flush or higher for FlushJackpot rewards!

Every time you make one of the following:

Flush 1

you will hit the FlushJackpot!

Hitting the Jackpot

Hit the Flush Jackpot by making one of the jackpot hands (Flush, Four of a kind, Straight Flush, or a Royal Flush) while satisfying the following requirements.

  • Commit at least 15 antes to the pot before making the jackpot hand.
  • Use two hole cards to make the jackpot hand.
  • Use a pocket pair to make a Four of a kind, jackpot hand.

As long as you have satisfied the conditions, you will hit the jackpot regardless of who wins the hand and even if you decide to fold.

  • Once you fold, your jackpot will not improve with hand progression.
  • If the amount you have committed to the pot is less than 15 antes at the time you make a jackpot hand, you will not qualify for the jackpot.

In the case above, your jackpot hand needs to improve on the street your committed amount becomes greater than 15 antes in order to qualify for the jackpot.

Example Case:

flush example

Once you have qualified for the jackpot, running the hand multiple times (RIMT) will not cancel the jackpot you have already earned.

  • Making a jackpot hand through RIMT will not qualify for the jackpot.
  • Hand improvements that occur through RIMT will not improve your jackpot.

Once you have qualified for the jackpot, leaving the table or disconnections will not cancel the jackpot you have already earned.

  • During a disconnection, if your hand happens to improve on a later street and qualifies as a jackpot hand, then you will be eligible for the jackpot.
  • For example, you flop an Ace-High Flush, but you get disconnected and auto-checked to the Turn/River where your hand improves to a Straight Flush.

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