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$2000 Daily Poker Leaderboards – GG’s Battle Royale

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Are you a fan of PKO and fast-fold tournament action? If you are, check out $2000 Daily Poker Leaderboards at GGPoker. This promotion runs on their Battle Royale Tournaments. If this sounds interesting to you, you can find all the necessary details in the article below.

$2000 Daily Poker Leaderboards 1

$2000 Daily Poker Leaderboards run at GGPoker on their Battle Royale Tournaments. This promotion is part of their Winter Giveaway. And, during this month, there is a prize booster on, which is where $2K in daily prizes come from.

Battle Royale is a 30-player Progressive Bounty Sit & Go tournament. Each Battle Royale tournament has 3 stages:

  1. 5-ring RUSH: 15 Minute Time Limit, at the end of the time limit, players outside of the top 15 are eliminated. Round 1 ends when only 15 players remain
  2. 3-ring SHOOTOUT: Play until there is only one player remaining at the table. This round lasts for 5 minutes, ff there are multiple players remaining after 5 minutes, the game goes into all-in mode. Only 1 player goes to the 3rd stage.
  3. 5-ring Final Table: At this stage players play a normal bounty tournament format. All players who make the Final Table are in the Money.

Battle Royale Leaderboard Prizes Overview

Stakes Daily Prize Up To
$10 $1.170 25
$3 $500 40
$1 $250 60
$0.25 $150 100

In the case of a leaderboard tie, the prize will be split equally between all tied players.
*all prizes awarded are paid in T$

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