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Unibet Online Series VII – €400.000 prize pool


If you are looking for some great Poker action we have an offer for you! Play at Unibet and take advantage of their Unibet Online Series VII! Find all the necessary details in the text below and join the entertainment!

Unibet Online Series

It’s time for the seventh installment of the Unibet Online Series. There’s a guaranteed €400.000 prize pool across 84 tournaments to be won. Buy-in at your preferred level – Nano, Low, or High – and start climbing the leaderboards!

This Series has two clear highlights – the €100.000 Main Event, where you’ll play for the biggest prize pool of the series, and the Champions Showdown.

The only way into the Showdown is to win a tournament. This will earn you a seat at the tables where you’ll take on the other tournament winners for a share of the €5.000 prize pool.


  • The Unibet Online Series VII runs from 3rd to 16th February.
  • The Champions Showdown Freeroll is held on 19th February.

How to play:

  • Go to the Poker tab and open the Poker client in your web browser, or download the client or app.
  • Go to the full tournament lobby in the Poker client.
  • Type ‘UOS’ in the search bar to find all tournaments in the Unibet Online Series.
  • Collect leaderboard points by beating the competition!

Leaderboard Prizes


Unibet Online Series overall


Unibet Online Series high


Unibet Online Series low


Unibet Online Series nano

Point system

The amount of points you receive is determined by Unibet’s fair for all formula that considers the buy-in, the number of players and your position. Everything is calculated and added automatically as per below.

You get:

  • One leaderboard point for every Low or High tournament played. NB: Nano events excluded.
  • If you finish in the top 17% you get additional points according to this formula


Where k=Position, n=number of players, b=Fixed buy-in (nano=1, low=2.5, high=4).

Example – Finishing in 1st place in a UOS Low MTT with 200 total players.

1 + 1.5*SQRT(200)/SQRT(1)*2.5 = 54.

Champions Showdown

Win any UOS tournament to earn a special entry to their €5.000 Champions Showdown – it’s the only way to enter this battle of winners.
  • Prize pool: €5.000
  • Buy-in: Multi-entry with ticket(s) earned by winning a UOS VII event. If you win two UOS VII events you’ll begin with a double starting stack, and so on
  • Start date: Wednesday 19th February
  • Start time: 19:00 CET

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