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Moving On Up at Unibet

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Unibet introduced a new great promotion – Moving On Up. Take advantage of this top promotion, which has run yesterday and lasts until 28th April. Check out how it works and if you like it, try out your luck today! All the details are in the text below.

Moving On Up

Great news, it’s now cheaper to play €25 and €50 Cash Games!

As of 1st April, their new rake structure is live – effectively lowering the rake by over 10% on both NL25 and NL50. And no, it’s not an April Fools’ joke! Read more about the changes on the Unibet Community, where you can discuss it with the Unibet Poker Team and other players.

They’ve also set four weekly missions, so you can experience the better rake structure first-hand. And earn valuable Poker tickets while doing so!

How it works:

  • Click the Moving on Up widget
  • Complete the two-step mission.
  • Get your Cash Game ticket!
  • Move up in stake and repeat next week!

Weekly Missions:

NL/PL4 (1st-7th April)

Reach 25 flops on four separate days AND Double up. 

NL/PL10 (8th-14th April)

Reach 25 flops on four separate days AND Double up.

NL/PL25 (15th-21st April)

Reach 35 flops on four separate days AND Double up.

NL/PL50 (22nd-28th April)
Reach 50 flops on four separate days AND Double up twice.

Key information:

  • This promotion runs from 00:00 UTC on 1st April to 23:59 on 28th April.
  • A promotion week starts Monday 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday 23:59 UTC.
  • This promotion doesn’t include Banzai cash games.
  • The Moving on Up requirement can only be completed on the eligible Cash Game stake of the week.
  • The requirements per week are stated directly in your mission-widget in the client or on the promotion page.
  • Cash Game Tickets have a rolling expiration of seven days. Tickets remain active if used at least once per seven-day period.
  • The playthrough requirement of the Cash Game ticket is 300 flops seen.
  • Players do not have to complete week 1 to be eligible for week 2 (and so forth).
  • Each player can only receive one reward per week.

If you still don’t have the account at Unibet, register with us and check out what we have prepared for you!