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Unibet Daily Poker Leaderboards – Hexapro is on fire

Enjoy this month with Unibet Daily Poker Leaderboards running on hexapro tables! Check out what is it about and climb the ladders for better prizes. You can find all the necessary details in the article below. If you like how it all sounds, find Hexapro tournaments in the poker lobby and try out your skills and luck.

Unibet Daily Poker Leaderboards

Choose your Hexapro buy-in level and compete for the top prizes!

Unibet Daily Poker Leaderboards run this May on the Hexapro tournaments again. If you like this fast tournament action, choose your buy-in level and try to get as many points as you can. There is a good reason for it! The best prizes are waiting on the top of the leaderboards. There are 3 different leaderboards running, depending on the buy-in level – Low, Mid and High.

Here is how it works:

  • Buy-in to any HexaPro game – you earn points for every game you play no matter the outcome
  • Earn extra points every second time your multiplier is 1.5x
  • Keep track of the daily leaderboards in the Poker client
  • All prizes are doubled on Sundays


Leaderboard Points Earning

Buy-in Level Points Extra Points for every other x1.5 multiplier
€1 HexaPro 1 1
€2 HexaPro 2 2
€5 HexaPro 5 5
€10 HexaPro 10 10
€25 HexaPro 25 25
€50 HexaPro 50 50
€100 HexaPro 100 100


Low Leaderboard

Buy-in: €1, €2, and €5

Rank Monday – Sunday
1 €50
2 €30
3–5 €10
6–7 €5


Mid Leaderboard

Buy-in: €10 and €25

Rank Monday – Sunday
1 €125
2 €75
3 €30
4–5 €25


High Leaderboard

Buy-in: €50 and €100

Rank Monday – Sunday
1 €250
2 €150
3 €100
4–5 €50


If you still don’t have an account at Unibet Poker and you would like to try out yourself in Unibet Daily Poker Leaderboards, register with us and we will prepare more great things for you!


**18+ T&C apply
Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!