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Prizefighter Poker Promotion at Bet365 Poker


Prizefighter Poker Promotion is running at Bet365 Poker. Check out what is it about. If you like it, you can find the games you like in their poker lobby. Find all the necessary details in the article below.

Prizefighter Poker Promotion

Prizefighter Poker Promotion is one of the latest features that Bet365 brought to their players. It will run until June 3rd. You will receive one Fighter Card each time you complete a rake mission. Upon completing a rake mission a specified number of times, you will progress to the next round. There the lowest Fighter Card (and therefore the lowest prizes) will be removed, increasing your chances of receiving bigger prizes. Please see the tables below for a breakdown of rake requirements and a full list of prizes awarded from each round: Check out how you can take part in it:

  1. Opt in via the Missions section of the poker software.
  2. Play on any table and generate €10 in rake and/or tournament fees to receive one of six Fighter Cards.
  3. Scratch and reveal the outcome of the fight and get a GTD prize.
  4. Complete further rake missions to progress through the rounds and win bigger cash prizes.


Fighter Prize for a Win Prize for a Loss
Heavyweight Harry €75.00 €50.00
Cruiserweight Carl €25.00 €15.00
Middleweight Martin €11.00 €6.00
Welterweight Wayne €5.00 €2.00
Lightweight Les €2.00 €1.00
Flyweight Frankie €1.00 Freeroll ticket
Rounds Rake Required to Receive Fighter Card No. Missions Required to Progress
Round 1 €10 Five to reach round 2
Round 2 €25 Six to reach round 3
Round 3 €50 Seven to reach round 4
Round 4 €100 Eight to reach round 5
Round 5 €200 Nine to reach round 6
Round 6 €500 Capped at 100 repetitions


If you still don’t have an account at Bet365 register with us and join this promotion!