Pokerstars VR – Virtual Reality poker game is about to come

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This week PokerStars announces its plan for another innovation – Virtual Reality poker game. They call it PokerStars VRThe official launch will be later this year, for now, we have just some hints from Pokerstars. Check out if you’re gonna like it. 

pokerstars vr

What is PokerStars VR?

The first thing to note is that it’s free to play. It’s also authentic (that means it looks great). It’s immersive, and it’s social. Once you put on the headset, you enter a visually stunning game environment. Nothing is real, and yet you can still handle chips and cards just as in the real world. And while opponents might be playing from the other side of the world, but you can study them for any tells they might have and even chat in real time.

What can you expect from this virtual world?

It’s the type of game you can immerse yourself in. Almost literally. We don’t just mean in the exotic virtual reality settings (think Macau 2050 or a Monte Carlo yacht) but with statistics. All the numbers, as well as observations about other players, are all available to you because it’s still all about the poker. And as you might expect in this level of the virtual world, it’s not all about behaving yourself. So yes, you can throw food at people, smoke a cigar, or even own a pet donkey if that’s your thing. Or you could be more civilized and share food, order drinks, even stream shows or sport.

When can you start playing?

Right now, the multiplayer no-limit hold’em game is in a “closed beta”. As you’d expect, a game like this needs intensive testing, which is why we recruited 100 hand-picked volunteers to put it through every scenario. As we speak they’re plugged in on platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Steam. What with the headsets, we can’t see the look in their eyes. But the smiles on their faces tell us what we need to know. Once their work is done the commercial launch will follow before the end of this year.


Looks like that online poker will get a whole new dimension with Pokerstars VR. We hope that this will increase the popularity of this game and that it will bring more players to the tables. If you don’t have a PokerStars account yet, sign up with us, grab 100% up to 600$ welcome bonus and be ready for the virtual reality.