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Poker Flips Leaderboards at WPT Global Poker

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Poker Flips Leaderboards are on at WPT Global Poker! This promotion gives you a chance to win great weekly and monthly prizes! You can find all the necessary details in the article below.

Poker Flips Leaderboards

Take part in Poker Flips Leaderboards at WPT Global Poker and compete for some great weekly and monthly prizes. The highest weekly prize is $5.000 and if you win a Monthly prize, that means that you have won a 1 WPT World Championship Package worth $12.400!

Here is how it works:

Two cards are dealt face down to both Cowboy and Bull, along with the flop, turn and river making up the Community Cards. Then the 15-second clock starts and the Poker Flips action is on you! Choose the total amount you wish to wager. Place your coins in all of the betting areas you want to take a chance. All betting closes when the 15-second time expires. Once the 15-second time expires, both Cowboy and Bull’s hands are shown, then the community cards are displayed. The winning hand is featured, the winning bets are shown, and the payouts are shipped to all winning players.

Poker Flips Leaderboards Points Earning:

If you win a bet on poker flips, you win points on the leaderboard, it’s that simple. For every dollar that is won on poker flips you will win the number of points shown below:

Cowboy or Bull 1x
Tie 10x
Anyones Hand 5x
High Card / One Pair 1.5x
Two Pair 2x
Trips, Straight, Flush 4x
Full House 15x
Quads, Straight Flush, Royal Flush 100x

But that is not all! WPT Global added an additional way for earning points to motivate you:

Play 3 days in a row 50 pts
Play 5 days in a row 200 pts
Play 7 days in a row 400 pts


WPT Global Poker Flips Leaderboards Prizes:

As we already said there are weekly and monthly prizes. Check out what you could fight for.

Weekly Prizes

poker flips leaderboards weekly prizes

Monthly Prizes

Monthly Prizes


If you still don’t have an account at WPT Global Poker, register with us and take part in this great promotion!