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Jackpot Universe at partypoker

Partypoker Casino Live

partypoker is becoming even more and more popular among the Casino lovers. There is a good reason for that. Take your part at Jackpot Universe and take advantage of this great promotion, which lasts until the end of the year. If this sounds interesting to you and you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

Jackpot Universe

Jackpots just got an upgrade… With Jackpot Universe, any spin on your favourite slots can light up the jackpot, with even more chances to be a winner!

How Jackpot Universe works?

Each jackpot will have a time or prize limit that determines when it ends and any spin on any slot in Jackpot Universe can light up a prize!

There are three pay-out options any jackpot could have: 

  • Star Jackpots – where the winner takes all
  • 50/50 Jackpots – where the winner takes half the overall prize and remaining players share the other half
  • Community Jackpots – where all players share the prize when the jackpot hits.

As there are two shared prize pay-outs, these jackpots are exploding with more chances of becoming a winner of bonuses or other prizes!

So, aim for the stars or countdown for the prizes and play an out of this world jackpot today!

Key information

  • All slots are eligible for jackpots.
  • Each jackpot lasts for a set amount of time or has a prize limit.
  • Three winning pay-outs – Stars, 50/50 or Community Jackpots
  • Win bonuses, cash or prizes!
  • Running 24/7
  • Eligible Player must be over 18 years old.
  • Eligible Player must be a new or existing real – money player with an active account on partypoker.com.
  • Eligible Wager is a real money wager of a minimum EUR 0.10 (or currency equivalent).

If you still don’t have the account at partypoker Casino, register with us and grab up to $30 in free SPINS tickets after your first deposit!