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Another great promotion is running at Unibet poker. If you are a cash game lover, you are going to like it. Take your part at Cash Game Flop Race and try to win your part from €60.000 prize pool. If this sounds interesting to you and you are ready to join the action, find all the details in the text below.

Flop race


Play cash games at Unibet poker to earn your points which help you to the leaderboards in their €60,000 Cash Game Flop Race.


Unibet is giving away €10,000 every week until 28th November. All you have to do to win a share is reach as many flops as you can. There are prizes for a range of buy-in levels and game types. So, whether you like the quick turnover of Banzai or can spend hours at the No Limit tables, there’s a bracket for you.

How to earn points at cash game tables


Flop race 1

But that’s not all there is to it. There’s a 100-flop bonus that you can win every single day. Reach 100 flops in a day (00:00-23:59 UTC) and you’ll get 20 bonus points!

Even better, Unibet is also offering a consolation bonus. If you have a tough day at the tables, you’ll get one point for every euro lost (up to the limits below):

  • Low: €10/10 points
  • Mid: €50/50 points
  • High: €200/200 points

Timing of the Flop Race promotion running

cash game 1

All the prizes you win, you will get to your account in 72 hours.


If you still don’t have the account at Unibet Poker, register with us and check out on our site what we have prepared for you.