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Flip & Go Leaderboard – Daily promotion

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Flip & Go Leaderboard is a new promotion that runs under the new format at GGPoker. Check out what is it about and how you can increase your winnings. You can find all the necessary details in the text below.

Flip & Go Leaderboard

Take your chances with Flip & Go Leaderboard – a promotion under the newest format at GGPoker. The promotional period runs until the end of the month, but knowing GGPoker, most likely they will continue to run it through the following months.

The total prize pool for this month is $150.000. That means that you can fight for your share of $5.000 every day. Collect as many points as you can and climb the leaderboard for better prizes.


How to earn points for Flip & Go Leaderboard

There are 2 ways to earn points. For every buy-in you start with you will get 1 point. You will get extra points upon your 1st Flip Bonus. If you play Flip & Go with 8 buy-ins and receive a Straight Flush Flip Bonus, you will get 8 points from the buy-ins and an extra 32 points from the bonus.

Flip & Go Leaderboard 1


Prizes overview

Stakes Daily Prize Up To
$20 $2,910.00 24
$3 $1,520.00 70
$0.50 $447.50 100
$0.05 $137.60 200


Flip & Go Leaderboard Happy Hour

Don’t miss the happy hours and chance to boost yourself on the ladder. During the happy hour, you will get 1.5x points. Happy hour runs every day 22:00:00 ~ 23:59:59 (UTC -8)



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