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Daily Poker Leaderboards for SNG Players

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If you are a fan of SNG Tournaments, you can benefit from Daily Poker Leaderboards at partypoker. Check out what is it about and if you like how it looks, head to the tables! You can find all the details you need in the text below.

Daily Poker Leaderboards

Daily Poker Leaderboards give you daily chances to earn some extra profit by taking part in the SNG Tournaments. Al you have to do is to take part in qualifying games (SNG only, HU tables do not count for this promotion) collect points and climb the leaderboards.
This is a non-stop action. There are 3 leaderboards Monday to Friday with T$5K in daily prizes. The weekends cannot be even more interesting. On Saturday and Sunday, there are 3 leaderboards with T$10K in prizes! See the full details below

Monday-Friday SNG Leaderboard

Stakes/Rank Micro ($1-$4.99) Low ($5-$19.99) Mid/High ($20-$100)
1st T$40 T$100 T$400
2nd T$35 T$90 T$350
3rd T$30 T$80 T$300
4th T$25 T$75 T$250
5th T$20 T$70 T$200
6th T$18 T$65 T$180
7th T$16 T$60 T$160
8th T$14 T$50 T$140
9th T$12 T$45 T$120
10th T$10 T$40 T$100
11th – 15th T$8 T$30 T$80
16th – 20th T$6 T$25 T$60
21th – 25th T$6 T$20 T$40
26th – 30th T$5 T$10 T$20
31st – 40th T$4 T$10 T$10
41st – 50th T$3 T$5
51st – 60th T$2
61st – 75th T$1

Weekend SNG Leaderboard ($10K)

Stakes/Rank Micro ($1-$4.99) Low ($5-$19.99) Mid/High ($20-$100)
1st T$80 T$200 T$600
2nd T$70 T$180 T$550
3rd T$60 T$160 T$500
4th T$50 T$140 T$450
5th T$45 T$120 T$400
6th T$40 T$110 T$350
7th T$35 T$100 T$300
8th T$30 T$90 T$250
9th T$25 T$80 T$200
10th T$20 T$70 T$150
11th – 15th T$14 T$50 T$120
16th – 20th T$12 T$40 T$100
21th – 25th T$11 T$30 T$80
26th – 30th T$10 T$25 T$60
31st – 40th T$8 T$20 T$40
41st – 50th T$6 T$15 T$30
51st – 60th T$4 T$10 T$20
61st – 75th T$2 T$5 T$10

If you still don’t have an account at partypoker, and you would like to take part in this great promotion register with us, and we will make sure that you take part in our exclusive partypoker leaderboards.