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BestPoker rake race

BestPoker Bubble Boy promotion gives you an opportunity to win great prizes even if you bust from the tournament. Check out what is it about and join the action. Find more details in the text below.



Getting out of the tournaments just before the money is one of the most annoying things you can experience in poker. But with BestPoker’s promotion Bubble Boy, it does not have to be. It will milder your pain, by giving you a chance to win 100€ cash.

How it works:

To take part in  Bubble boy’s promotion you need to Opt-in daily via poker client. In case you bust out exactly on the bubble in scheduled tournaments with buy-in 5€ and above, you will receive Bubble boy’s wheel spin. The wheel can bring you up to 100€ in cash! The promotional period runs until 21st November 2021. Be careful, spins on wheels expire 7 days you get them. Also, satellite tournaments don’t count for this promotion. 


Bubble Boy promotion Prize list:

100 Cash
50 Cash
“General €10 Ticket (7day)”
“General €5 Ticket (7day)”
1 Cash
“General €1 Ticket (7day)”


With BestPoker and this promotion, losing can be fun! Don’t forget to Opt-in, you got nothing to lose.


If you still don’t have an account at BestPoker, register with us, and we will prepare more great promotions for you!