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Bad Beat Rebirth Poker Jackpot at GGPoker

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If you are a cash game player, you need to check Bad Beat Rebirth Poker Jackpot by GGPoker! There are now bigger Jackpot prizes and chances to heat it are also bigger than ever! If this sounds interesting to you, find more details in the article below and join this amazing action!

Bad Beat Rebirth Poker Jackpot

Win huge even if you lose the hand with Bad Beat Rebirth Jackpot at GGPoker!

GGPoker’s Jackpot now includes more hands and brings more Jackpots! They have increased the number of hands that qualify! This means that you will have bigger chances to trigger the jackpot and win amazing prizes!


Bad Beat Rebirth Poker Jackpot Triggers

Bad Beat Rebirth Poker Jackpot 1


How to hit the Bad Beat jackpot:

  1. The hand must go to showdown.
  2. Both the winner and the loser must use both hole cards (two hole cards for PLO/PLO-5) to make the best 5 card hand combination.
  3. Pocket pairs are required for winner/loser’s four of a kind.
  4. Jackpot prize will be awarded directly to your wallet.

Additional rules:

  • In the case of RIMT (Running it multiple times), only the first run will count towards the jackpot.
  •  If you have already satisfied the jackpot conditions, rewards will be given even if you leave the table or are disconnected
  • In Rush & Cash, jackpot will not occur in tables with 5 or less dealt players.


Jackpot Payout:

All blinds share the same jackpot payout percentage, despite the jackpot being allocated differently for each blind.
Check out the percentages in the chart below:

Recipient Prize
Bad Beat Winner (Pot Loser) – 2nd best hand 10%
Bad Beat Opponent (Pot Winner) 3%
Rest of Players (Other Pot Losers) 0.8%


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