5 Tips for New Poker Players

Take Advantage of Available Deposit Bonuses
There are lots of deposit bonuses around if you look for them. Our site has reviews on over 10 poker websites with ongoing promotions shared. All of them have welcome bonuses and some have fantastic loyalty schemes too. The online poker sites are always keen to bring in new customers and many of them offer fantastic incentives to register and deposit money. Please remember to read the terms and conditions as there is usually wagering requirements.

Use Online Guides
If you are new to online poker, you will want to learn the rules and familiarise yourself with the game quickly. There are online guides online like a poker cheat sheet that will help you to grasp the basics and learn some quick wins for the micro and lower stakes games. There is a wealth of information at your hands online so use the free material you find. It can help take your game to the next level and crush the low stakes games.

5 tips
Play with Friends
Some online poker sites are offering the opportunity for you to play private tournaments with friends. This is a fantastic way to socialise with friends and stay in touch. There’s nothing more fun than beating your friends. Most of the larger poker sites offer this feature so what are you waiting for? Create a group and organise your next private tournament.

Watch the Best
Like any field, watching how the experts do it is always a great learning exercise. There are countless poker shows available online. These are a fantastic resource to use to your advantage. A quick search on YouTube will generate thousands of videos. A word of caution, don’t try to copy their exact styles. They have honed their craft over a long time and moves that work in high stakes poker don’t work at low stakes. Instead, use the videos to improve your knowledge and incorporate parts of different professionals’ games into your own, so you have an edge on your low stake’s opposition.

Trial other Poker Sites
It’s convenient to stay loyal to one poker site and never try anything else isn’t it? If you are finding yourself with a lot of time, why not trial some other poker sites? In addition to the bonuses available, you may find your win rate improve by moving and stay permanently. Don’t forget to sign up to potential rakeback schemes and read our reviews too. We are the authority on objective reviews and want you to take advantage but try for yourself too. Let us know what you think.