Poker Challenges on Unibet – Earn some great rewards

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Unibet has a unique loyalty scheme. With their Poker Challenges, you can win great rewards by completing simple tasks. Check out for more!

Poker Challenges

Start collecting Challenges Points which you will be able to exchange for various rewards.

How do I earn Poker Challenges Points?

For each poker type, you’ll always have two Challenges active – a Minor and a Major. Minor Challenges are the easiest, e.g. ‘Be dealt a suited hand’, whereas Major Challenges usually require more strategy, e.g. ‘Win a hand post-flop when you have any hand worse than one pair’.

Each Challenge is split into steps, and that’s how many times you have to complete the task to receive your Challenges Points. A Challenge showing 5/30 means you’ve completed the task 5 times, and you’ve got 25 more to go before your points are awarded.

Multi-table tournaments don’t have their own Challenges – instead, they award Challenges Points directly. For every €1 you spend in tournament fees, you’ll receive 100 points.

What can I do with Challenges Points?

Challenges Points track your progression, and you’ll start earning rewards as soon as you get 50 points. Rewards include free cash, new avatars, playthrough bonuses, poker tickets and bonus points. You can then exchange any bonus points you earn for extra rewards of your choice!


If you still don’t have the account at Unibet, register here and start completing your tasks!