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Are you a fan of fast action and randomly determined prizes at SNG tables? If you are, check out SPINS Poker Leaderboards at partypoker. Those can make your favorite games more interesting. Check out what is it about and if you like it, search for SPINS games in the partypoker lobby. You can find all the necessary details in the article below.


SPINS poker leaderboards bring over P$15K in daily prizes. It’s easier than ever before to climb the leaderboard since you can play either SPINS or SPINS Ultra to qualify for points in a single leaderboard.

SPINS Leaderboards daily prizes

Rank $0.25 $1 $3 $5 $10 $20 Medium
1  P$25  P$50  P$100  P$ 150  P$ 250  P$400  P$1,000
2  P$20  P$40  P$80  P$ 120  P$ 200  P$320  P$800
3  P$15  P$30  P$60  P$100  P$160  P$260  P$675
4  P$12  P$25  P$50  P$85  P$130  P$220  P$575
5  P$10  P$20  P$40  P$70  P$110  P$180  P$500
6  P$7.5  P$15  P$30  P$55  P$90  P$150  P$425
7  P$5  P$12  P$25  P$40  P$75  P$120  P$350
8  P$3  P$10  P$20  P$30  P$60  P$100  P$300
9  P$2  P$5  P$15  P$25  P$50  P$80  P$250
10  P$1  P$4  P$12  P$20  P$40  P$60  P$200
11 to 15  P$0.75  P$3  P$9  P$15  P$30  P$50  P$175
16 to 20  P$0.75  P$3  P$9  P$15  P$25  P$40  P$150
21 to 25  P$0.50  P$2  P$ 6  P$15  P$20  P$30  P$125
26 to 30  P$0.50  P$2  P$6  P$10  P$15  P$20  P$100
31 to 40  P$0.25  P$1  P$3  P$5  P$10  P$15  P$50
41 to 50  P$0.25  P$1  P$3  P$5  P$5  P$10  P$25


How to earn points:

Points = (buy-in – rake) * Leaderboard Multiplier

Table multiplier Leaderboard multiplier
2 2
3 3
5 5
10 10
25 25
120 25
240 25
2400 25
4800 25
12000 25
240000 25


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