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Soccer Star Poker Promotion at Bet365 Poker


Soccer Star Poker Promotion is running at Bet365 Poker! This may be interesting for you if you are a soccer and poker fan. Check out what it is about! You can find all the necessary details in the text below.

Soccer Star Poker Promotion

Soccer Star Poker Promotion is running at Bet365 Poker and it will  be on until 2nd September! Generate rake to achieve legendary status and shoot for cash prizes of up to €2,000.

Here is how it works:

  1. Opt in via the Missions section of the poker software.
  2. Play on any table and generate €20 in rake to receive an Amateur scratchcard.
  3. Unlock Rookie, Professional and Legendary scratchcards as you complete further rake missions and win cash prizes worth up to €2,000.


In order to progress through your soccer career, you must complete the Amateur rake mission five times to unlock Rookie status. You must then complete the Rookie rake mission 10 times to unlock Professional status and, finally, complete the Professional rake mission 20 times to unlock Legendary status and access the top cash prize. There is no limit to the number of times the €1,000 Legendary rake mission can be completed.


Soccer Star Poker Promotion Prizes

Prize Probability
€10 cash 0.917%
€5 cash 9.633%
€1 cash 43.578%
10 x €0.10 Free Blinds 45.872%

Prize Probability
€50 cash 1.563%
€20 cash 1.563%
€10 cash 21.875%
€5 cash 75%

Prize Probability
€200 cash 2.801%
€100 cash 3.641%
€50 cash 31.933%
€20 cash 61.625%

Prize Probability
€2,000 cash 1.070%
€1,000 cash 1.925%
€500 cash 9.947%
€200 cash 22.888%
€100 cash 64.171%

If you still don’t have an account at Bet365 and you like this promotion, you can join it through us!