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Coral Daily Poker Leaderboards

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Are you an SNG tournaments grinder? If you are, check Coral Daily Poker Leaderboards that run every day! Check out what is it about. You can find more details in the text below.

Coral Poker Leaderboards

Take part in daily Coral Daily Poker Leaderboards that run on SNG tables! There are 3 different leaderboards: Micro, Low, and Mid/High depending on the buy-in. So, there is something for anyone’s bankroll!

Monday to Friday daily prize pool is T$5,000 plus T$10,000 across both Saturday and Sunday! For those who are still not familiar with T$ – this is a Tournament Currency which means that you can buy-in to any other tournament games with it.

Monday to Friday Coral SNG Leaderboards

Stakes/Rank Micro ($1-$4.99) Low ($5-$19.99) Mid/High ($20-$100)
1st T$40 T$100 T$400
2nd T$35 T$90 T$350
3rd T$30 T$80 T$300
4th T$25 T$75 T$250
5th T$20 T$70 T$200
6th T$18 T$65 T$180
7th T$16 T$60 T$160
8th T$14 T$50 T$140
9th T$12 T$45 T$120
10th T$10 T$40 T$100
11th – 15th T$8 T$30 T$80
16th – 20th T$6 T$25 T$60
21th – 25th T$6 T$20 T$40
26th – 30th T$5 T$10 T$20
31st – 40th T$4 T$10 T$10
41st – 50th T$3 T$5
51st – 60th T$2
61st – 75th T$1

Weekend Coral SNG Leaderboards

Stakes/Rank Micro ($1-$4.99) Low ($5-$19.99) Mid/High ($20-$100)
1st T$80 T$200 T$600
2nd T$70 T$180 T$550
3rd T$60 T$160 T$500
4th T$50 T$140 T$450
5th T$45 T$120 T$400
6th T$40 T$110 T$350
7th T$35 T$100 T$300
8th T$30 T$90 T$250
9th T$25 T$80 T$200
10th T$20 T$70 T$150
11th – 15th T$14 T$50 T$120
16th – 20th T$12 T$40 T$100
21th – 25th T$11 T$30 T$80
26th – 30th T$10 T$25 T$60
31st – 40th T$8 T$20 T$40
41st – 50th T$6 T$15 T$30
51st – 60th T$4 T$10 T$20
61st – 75th T$2 T$5 T$10

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If you decide to play at Coral, please make sure you read their full terms and conditions. 

Please play responsibly 18+

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.